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5 Most Sustainable Buildings in Vancouver Condos Canada

5 Most Sustainable Buildings in Vancouver Condos Canada

Table of Contents

  • 5 most Sustainable buildings in Vancouver
    • 1) The BC Cancer Research Centre
    • 2) UBC life Sciences Centre
    • 3) Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Operations centre
    • 4) City of Vancouver National Works Yard – and examples for Vancouver Condos
    • 5) White Rock Operations Building in Vancouver
    • Sustainable building design Canada for Condos in Vancouver
    • Sustainable building materials Canada
    • Green Building Grant Canada
    • Canada Green Building Council

Sustainable buildings in Vancouver condos are the new trend and the thought of green and sustainable building is highly appreciated by everyone. For the next generations and for a healthy living it is the need of the hour.

First, we need to know why Green and Sustainable building are important. Yes, to protect the environment, natural resources and for the healthy well being of the occupants. The benefits of this can be relished in the long run.

Green building without compromising the comfort is what everyone are looking. In the recent times the awareness of this is vast as we see many showing interest towards sustainable and green building. We also have many builders and planners who design these Vancouver apartment buildings with great ambience and architecture. Driving all these positive changes make us responsible citizens.

Sustainable buildings motto includes reduce in energy use, electricity use and water usage.

24th to 30th September is 2018 is world Green Building Week

5 most Sustainable buildings in Vancouver

1) The BC Cancer Research Centre

most sustainable buildings in vancouver canada

It is the first research clinic to received LEED homes (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) Gold certificate and the best part about this is the architecture. This is a 15 storey building with waste management, natural and sensor lighting for power saving, local made raw materials are used. The Building is located near many east vancouver condos.

This is located in the city of Vancouver, which is recognized as the best city with “Green Building Policy” and city aims to become “The Greenest City” in the world by 2020.”

2) UBC life Sciences Centre

sustainable building vancouver

It is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is the largest building in UBC and the uniqueness of this construction is 80 percent of debris is recycled and reused again. This building is also a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environment Design) certified building. It is located near a the ubc residency area, where condos in Vancouver are being constructed to also have green certifications.

The lighting, Design, construction, are the key features of this building.

3) Gulf Islands National Park Reserve, Operations centre

It is located in the waterfront in Sydney, BC, It is a 3 stored building and shows how well the natural resources can be preserved and utilized to the fullest. All the materials used in the construction can be recycled and this building preserves rain water for later uses and for lighting it uses solar energy. The architecture, design is one of its kinds.

4) City of Vancouver National Works Yard – and examples for Vancouver Condos


The Vancouver National works yard is located on National Avenue at Vancouver in 12 acre land. This is one of Vancouver’s first step towards sustainable condo buildings. This is a cutting egde for greener buildings initiative with reusing of construction waste, water collection, saving, power saving. In Fact there are so many condos in Vancouver, especially in yaletown condos for sale in vancouver that offer sustainable features. The downtown vancouver condos for sale also offer a great many modern green features like Geo Thermal Heating.

Canada Green Building Council approved this centre a LEED Gold Certificate.

5) White Rock Operations Building in Vancouver

sustainable bulidings canada

This is a LEED Gold building location at 877 keil, White Rock, BC. The main amenities of this building includes green roof to prevent the heat entering inside the building during summer, preserving of rain water and power, and vancouver condominium owners know we get a lot of rain here!

Adding to this there are many other green and sustainable building in Canada, the above mentioned are few of the most renowned one’s

Sustainable building design Canada for Condos in Vancouver

Vancouver condos & Buildings are designed based on the nature of the business and foot print of the place with a aim of providing eco friendly environment and saving natural resources.

1) Reusing of debris

2) Utilizing solar power

3) Reducing pollution

4) Reduce water usage

5) Using non toxic materials

6) Interior air quality

7) Waterless urinals

8) Solar heaters

Sustainable building materials Canada

Everyone has a different perspective about sustainable building materials but the motto is the same across all builders is to protect the environment by using all reusable materials.

Anything that can be reused without affecting the environment can be used as sustainable building materials. Adding to it, the materials that are used should also be permissible to use and approved.

Green Building Grant Canada

Nevertheless, of the fact, sustainable building constructions are expensive yet Canadians are up for it, this is especially the case for condominiums in vancouver. To motivate them government also came up with few helpful schemes and grants to the public.

Below are the schemes

  • Incentives to this green revolution
  • Home Energy loan program
  • Eco Roof incentive program
  • Basement Flooding subsidy program
  • Water reducing community grants
  • Energy retrofit loans
  • Energy efficient incentives – New constructions
  • Hi-RIS funding program
  • Water rebates for business

We have different loans for different need. You need to identify which green innovation you are looking for your home, check with the terms of each loan or grants, eligible members can apply and avail the facility and pledge for a greener and sustainable buildings.

Canada Green Building Council

We have a official website for Canada Green Building Council with a mission of sustainable and green buildings. The council members work closely with vision of CGBC and towards the achievement of the goal.

The council conducts awareness camps, educational camps and make sure that the citizens are part of this green home evolution. The council has a team of 14 board of directors.

All the members of CGBC work towards a common goal and are actively involved in this, which includes awards, excellence awards and events. Any interested Canadian can become a member of this and avail the membership benefits and the joining fee is $35 for a EGP member and $100 for a chapter member.

Adding to it, in the website you can find lot more information about Canada Green Building Council

A small step towards the betterment would show great results in happy living. I truly believe that this step taken by the Canadians is inspiring and motivating. Each individual self contribution and initiative in the process is required. I want to end up this by pledging to myself that I will be a part of this initiative Green and Sustainable Buildings in Canada. Hope other countries also inspire and start this initiative which is started by Canada. Truly Amazing and inspiring to know!

Now all Canadians say that “Green and Sustainable building & condominiums” is the happy place to live in as they experience it.


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