Richard morrison and, herein referred to as “the website,” have set up this privacy policy to clarify how the individual data that is collected from you “the client” on the web, and the steps we (“richard morrison,” “richard morrison prec,” “staff,” “us,” “our,” “we,” “i,”, “”) take to protect your personal information.

We may alter this policy every once in a while by refreshing this page. We recommend that from time to time you check back on this page 2 make sure that you are fully aware and that you are completely comfortable with any modifications. This privacy policy was written on January 2019.

1. Your consent for the collection of information, the uses and disclosures.

By using you unconditionally consent to the terms set out on this privacy policy. This includes registration for the products and services on this website. If you disagree with this, kindly cease to use me every so often also refresh this privacy policy. will also change the last updated date on top of this page to reflect the new changes. Additionally will also seek the clients earlier consent most likely by email for any new uses or new proposed disclosures of information prior to changing the said policy above. will contact all existing clients by email of the changes on this policy that will influence the data that is gathered from each client forward going.

However, will not inform or collect the consent of a client that is under investigation for a breach of contract, for breaking the law, in case of an emergency where life or the security of an individual is at risk, or in the collection of a serious debt or in the case of compliance with a law enforcement agency or an order from the courts.

A client may take away the consent of these collections, her/his use, and the disclosures herein whenever he or she wishes simply by sending an email to Please note that in such cases, if it’s not too much trouble, may suspend services to the client. But this is not a hard rule.

2. Responsibility to accountability gathers, at the beginning of your enrollment with the website, and your sign-on to its site, certain “individual information” (information that can detected who you are) this includes, but not restricted to only the following information: your phone number, your email, your personal address, and data about your pc/mac/computer/phone equipment and programming (e.g., ip address, operating framework, program types, area name, url, log times, and referral site addresses). has deployed this privacy policy to ensure the safe keeping of the data collected from it’s clients, and to be able to reply to any client’s questions or business interest. The policy also provides for to utilize this agreement to ensure a similar level of safe keeping of data from personal clients which is sent for further marketing operations by third parties on’s behalf.

A Privacy Officer has been assigned, on behalf of, the responsibility of your personal data. The Privacy officer will make sure that the principles are adhered to and that full complying is carried forward.

Other individuals may be assigned to the role of the privacy officer.

3. Reason we collect Personal data does collect and utilizes personal individual data for the following intents:
To fully comprehend a client’s wants with regards to real estate services and’s services;
to create and give our site and our marketing and administrations for our clients;
to satisfy your solicitations for items, administrations or data;
to speak with clients and site guests, when fundamental need arise, and to advise clients of updates, and also of different items and administrations accessible from, its members and outsiders;
to enable clients to get access to constrained zones of ‘s site;
to customize a portion of how we administer and deliver the data on our site and items for you and to convey focused marketing from and outsiders;
to allow any relevant law, control, lawful process or government ask;
to respond to any actual lawful case, or to address our sensible judgment, that you are disregarding the privileges of any outsider or any of the assertions or strategies that oversee your utilization of the site or any item or administration;
to ensure the administrations, items or privileges of, including but not limited to the security or respectability of the site; and
to distinguish and resolve specialized issues concerning’s site, items and administrations. additionally utilizes individual data in a aggregation (i.e., not independently targeted solely to you) for its business examination, operational, advertising and other limited marketing purposes.

On the off chance that we employ different organizations to give a few items of service or administrations for our benefit, at that point we will just give those organizations the individual data they may require for marketing purposes (which may include your personal data), and we will constrain their rights to utilize and additionally reveal your data over the span of their work for us.

4. The collection of personal data is limited only uses necessary data to identify the client. The collection of such personal data is limited to this purpose only. does not, knowingly, collect information from kids under the consenting age of 13 years old.

Cookies may be used when you visit the web site and such cookies may be placed on your browser so that we can determine which products and services to offer to you. Such offers may come when you visit other websites through the use of Facebook Pixels and/or Google cookies. Furthermore, may also use your personal data included in these cookies to ensure it does not duplicate an offering of services in case you already have consumed such a product/service(s).

If you do not allow the web site to place a cookie on our browser the web site’s functionality may not fully be operable and you may not be able to have a complete experience, like saving a property, or viewing continual related information pertaining to real estate.

5. Storage of Data, disclosures, handling of data processes will not engage in the sale, the temporary usage or disclosing your personal data to anybody or any entity, with the exception of the following:

To an entity or to somebody you have designated to act as your real estate agent, for more on this see item 2;

To’s staff, third party connections, other agents in case of a team, service providers, suppliers and/or agents acting on behalf of for any of the purposes listed; If at all deemed necessary, if has identified that data exposure is important to identify a particular contact to bring legal enactment against a particular entity who could be causing harm or to interfere/cause damage to property/or cause damage to users to or any of their affiliates/suppliers/agents/service providers (intentionally or not);

To provide data and any helpful evidence to law agencies in connection with any particular criminal investigation pertaining to the safety of the public or otherwise required by the BC and Canadian laws.

Additionally, if deemed important and necessary, and as we further our business, our associate or we may acquire or dispose of other entities, or form a merger with a real estate company or another type of entity.

In this case, data from personal clients may be delivered as a business asset.

Also, in case of the sale of or in case of acquisition your data may be an asset that is transferred.

Your personal data may be stored in the Canada, The United States, or in any other country that or its associates or agents has a presence, either virtually or physically. Please be aware that you consent to all of this when you use and also to the transfer of your data to any country outside your own.

Your account information will continue to be in the archives of even if you request to deactivate your account. The data will be used only when necessary for compliance with tax laws and regulations.

6. Links to other websites does have links that point to other websites that may be interesting. Remember that once you have clicked on any of these links to exit, we are no longer liable or responsible or have any control of that other website. As such, we cannot be held liable for the protection or your privacy of your data pertaining to any of these linked sites. Please ensure you are careful and read the privacy statements on any sites you visit linked from

7. Personal Data Accuracy will ensure reasonable efforts are made to store and keep private client data for the purposes of identification, and for making erroneous marketing decisions based on the data. It is the responsibility of the client to let know if they personal data has been changed. will update the data once received from client. By calling at (778) 900-2235 or sending an email to our privacy department at you can also inform us to change your data. will use a newly or updated personal data received from clients to update its database. In case you would like to erase all records from, please also call or email. will permanently delete your personal data.

8. Security safeguards will utilize all reasonable efforts to protect clients’ personal data.

9. Access to personal information will afford you a reasonable opportunity to review the personal information in your file, if you so request by calling (778) 900-2235 or writing to: C/o Richard Morrison Vancouver Homes 3103 Kingsway #209 Vancouver Bc V5R 5J9 Canada Phone: +1 (778) 900-2235

In the case a party or entity requests access to some client’s personal data, may not provide such access. may have reasons including but not limited to the fact that it may reveal personal data from a client, or that its confidential commercial data, or attorney-client privileged information – or that the data relates to a breach of contract or contravention of a law, or that its disclosure could be used to place someone’s life under threat.

Clients have a decisive right to ask that incorrect data be amended. Simply contact will swiftly correct any data that is incorrect.

For any additional information, please contact us at or call (778) 900-2235