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Richard Morrison has helped hundreds to become financially independent.

READ MORE: How Richard has Helped Hundreds Become Financially Free with Real Estate Investment in Vancouver


Current statistic show that, as of 2019, over 95% of Home Buyers come from the Internet - And we know this.

That's why we have built the most unique, most powerful and sophisticated website displaying all Vancouver homes for sale on MLS. We also have unprecedented print media carrying real estate listings and surrounding lower mainland.


Richard Morrison, a Top Medallion Vancouver Realtor, has been selling real estate in Vancouver for 15 years and has since set the standard for marketing property in Vancouver & The Lower Mainland.Our reach extends to the most powerful web marketing engines & to more traditional print based publications.
We have established partnerships - both locally and worldwide – that are designed to maximize exposure.
The Richard Morrison Group comes with a full complement of real estate services. Our reach extends globally; many of our customers come from countries around the world.
Our RE/MAX brokerage exceeds $80million in sales volume on nearly 90+ transactions per year. We sell on average 7-8 homes each month or nearly 2 every week, and work 365 days a year.
By selling your property with Richard Morrison, you will benefit from the unique level of exposure that you will find only with our sophisticated marketing systems.

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Questions to Ask Any Realtor Before Working with Them!

I. How many years of experience do you have?

This is important, but remember that a lot of realtors with many years in real estate do very little business. That is why the next question is critical.

2. Are you in the top 10% of realtors?

Yes. Richard Morrison has received the prestigious REMAX Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award and also has qualified for the Medallion Member for 7 Years. Any realtor in the top 10% will be experienced.

3. Do you offer any guarantees?

Any Realtor who guarantess they will do something should back it up with an actual guarantee. Otherwise, the "guarantee" does not mean much.

4. Do you have a marketing plan and strategy?

The type of marketing that is effective in one type of market will not work in others. A realtor must be able to show you marketing plans specific to current market conditions.

5. Do you have a team or assistant?

You want your realtor spending their time studying the market conditions and negotiating contracts. You do not want your realtor going to the post office, picking up supplies, or doing any other tasks that should be delegated.

type of marketing that is effective in one type of market will not work in others. A realtor must be able to show you marketing plans specific to current market conditions.

6. Do you have references from past clients, and can I contact those clients?

You should be able to speak to a few past clients yourself if you would like to hear about their experiences.

7. Can we fire you if we are not satisfied?

Most sellers do not realize that once they sign a listing, they have signed a contract and cannot fire their realtor without the consent of the realtor. There are two types of termination of listing documents. One has conditions which prevent you from listing your home with another realtor for up to 60 days. The other is an unconditional release very few realtors will even tell their client about, let alone offer up-front.

8. What makes you different than the other 14,000 Realtors?

A realtor must be able to demonstrate and articulate what makes them different from other realtors. If they cannot do this, then they are just like everyone else. Richard has a distinct knowledge of technologies that can leverage for your benefit as a seller or as a buyer. He has world experience also buying and selling his own properties and was invited to write as a co author in the best selling book "Real Estate Action 2.0."

9. Do you charge any commission for Buyer Services?

Typically speaking Realtors can charge any nominal fees for Buyers. We do not charge any comimssion to our Buyers as we get our comission from the deal.

10. Do you have any free services ?

Our Services are typically paid. However, there are some cases where we have done pro bono work for charities and/or disadvantaged individuals. Please contact us.

Latest Properties

5408 NORFOLK STREET, Burnaby North

903 1288 MARINASIDE CRESCENT, Vancouver West

1668 MCLEAN DRIVE, Vancouver East

7988 MACPHERSON AVENUE, Burnaby South

6173 & 6179 SECHELT INLET ROAD, Sunshine Coast

2938 STRANGWAY PLACE, Squamish

120 8218 207A STREET, Langley

47 3596 SALAL DRIVE, North Vancouver

81 19932 70 AVENUE, Langley

419 311 E 6 AVENUE, Vancouver East

157 43995 CHILLIWACK MOUNTAIN ROAD, Chilliwack

6886 GIBBONS DRIVE, Richmond

207 10560 154 STREET, North Surrey

703 88 W 1ST AVENUE, Vancouver West

1326 FIFESHIRE STREET, Coquitlam

28 7501 CUMBERLAND STREET, Burnaby East

209 1621 HAMILTON AVENUE, North Vancouver

202 175 W 4TH STREET, North Vancouver

305 123 W 1ST STREET, North Vancouver

79 45185 WOLFE ROAD, Chilliwack

702 175 VICTORY SHIP WAY, North Vancouver

2109 2955 ATLANTIC AVENUE, Coquitlam

TH1 155 W 1ST STREET, North Vancouver

603 1050 CHILCO STREET, Vancouver West

1325-27 LABURNUM STREET, Vancouver West

305 12911 RAILWAY AVENUE, Richmond

4 7760 MINORU BOULEVARD, Richmond

14066 33B AVENUE, South Surrey White Rock

31 33293 E BOURQUIN CRESCENT, Abbotsford

LOT 35 KAMMERLE ROAD, Sunshine Coast