Hey there! We’re Richard Morrison Vancouver Homes, a family-owned real estate agency serving the Vancouver area. We’ve helped residents buy and sell properties in Vancouver for over 20 years now. Our team is made up of neighbourhood experts who love this city as much as we do. We use our local knowledge and personalized service to guide clients every step of the way.


We’re transparent about everything we do, and honest and ethical service is our number one priority. You can count on us because we hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. We’ll always deal fairly and truthfully with you.


We’re true professionals in the real estate game. Our agents have the education, expertise and experience to handle all types of transactions smoothly and efficiently. We provide excellent service because we know all the ins and outs of buying, selling and investing in properties here in Vancouver. You’re in good hands with our pros.

Listings Accuracy

We triple check listings to ensure every last detail is factual and correct before posting. You can rely on our listings 100 percent. From square footage to amenities, everything we advertise about properties for sale or rent is truthful. No exaggerations around these parts!

Legal Compliance

Abiding by real estate laws, privacy regulations, lending rules – you name it – we take that stuff very seriously. Cutting corners is just not what we’re about. We prize operating ethically and legally. So when you work with us, you don’t have to worry about rules being broken, ever.

Privacy & Discretion

Your privacy totally matters to us, without question. We respect your personal information, and are incredibly careful and discreet with it. Any info you share stays confidential. It’s kind of an unbreakable pact we have with clients. You can feel certain everything stays just between you and us.


We literally always have our phones on and answer emails promptly! Request a viewing, put in an offer, ask a question – we’ll get back to you ASAP. Even on evenings and weekends. We aim to be as available, responsive and on-the-ball as possible. You’re welcome to reach out anytime!

Community Involvement

We actively support local charities and volunteer for neighborhood improvement projects. Vancouver is our home too and giving back matters. We donate our time and resources because when the community thrives, we all benefit. We’re invested in this city’s future success.

Environmental Responsibility

We care deeply about our environment in Vancouver, so engage in sustainable best practices. From recycling and green housing incentives to community green space cleanups, we make choices that minimize our ecological impact. We reduce waste, conserve energy, and promote eco-conscious programs. Doing our small part today, helps preserve our backyard for generations.

Continual Improvement

Striving to better ourselves and how we operate is key around here. We consistently evaluate current practices to see where enhancements make sense. We implement new tech, train staff, upgrade resources – whatever optimizes how we do business. We’re growing and getting sharper all the time, thanks to a commitment to always improving.

About Richard Morrison Vancouver Homes

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