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Vancouver West Condos For Sale

Search has 1652 results in Vancouver West Condos For Sale. Average Price: $1,556,368, Highest Price: $38,888,000, Lower Price: $50,000, Medium Price: $19,469,000, Average Property Tax: $3,325, Average Square Foot: 1,147, Average Days On Market: 78, Average Year Built: 2002
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208 588 Broughton Street, Vancouver

208 588 BROUGHTON STREET, Vancouver West

1 1606 W 10th Avenue, Vancouver

1 1606 W 10TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

408 3382 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver

408 3382 WESBROOK MALL, Vancouver West

710 68 Smithe Street, Vancouver

710 68 SMITHE STREET, Vancouver West

407 2768 Cranberry Drive, Vancouver

407 2768 CRANBERRY DRIVE, Vancouver West

1107 1783 Manitoba Street, Vancouver

1107 1783 MANITOBA STREET, Vancouver West

204 3720 W 8th Avenue, Vancouver

204 3720 W 8TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

204 1875 W 8th Avenue, Vancouver

204 1875 W 8TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

2203 888 Hamilton Street, Vancouver

2203 888 HAMILTON STREET, Vancouver West

5336 Larch Street, Vancouver

5336 LARCH STREET, Vancouver West

113 5955 Iona Drive, Vancouver

113 5955 IONA DRIVE, Vancouver West

105 1655 Nelson Street, Vancouver

105 1655 NELSON STREET, Vancouver West

401 2580 Tolmie Street, Vancouver

401 2580 TOLMIE STREET, Vancouver West

506 546 Beatty Street, Vancouver

506 546 BEATTY STREET, Vancouver West

412 2515 Ontario Street, Vancouver

412 2515 ONTARIO STREET, Vancouver West

6 1375 W 10th Avenue, Vancouver

6 1375 W 10TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

1004 8131 Nunavut Lane, Vancouver

1004 8131 NUNAVUT LANE, Vancouver West

1905 1228 Marinaside Crescent, Vancouver

1905 1228 MARINASIDE CRESCENT, Vancouver West

309 1470 Pennyfarthing Drive, Vancouver

309 1470 PENNYFARTHING DRIVE, Vancouver West

603 3355 Binning Road, Vancouver

603 3355 BINNING ROAD, Vancouver West

505 1455 Howe Street, Vancouver

505 1455 HOWE STREET, Vancouver West

102 814 Nicola Street, Vancouver

102 814 NICOLA STREET, Vancouver West

804 1790 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver

804 1790 BAYSHORE DRIVE, Vancouver West

504 2108 W 38th Avenue, Vancouver

504 2108 W 38TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

506 6677 Cambie Street, Vancouver

506 6677 CAMBIE STREET, Vancouver West

102 2655 Cranberry Drive, Vancouver

102 2655 CRANBERRY DRIVE, Vancouver West

201 1933 W 5th Avenue, Vancouver

201 1933 W 5TH AVENUE, Vancouver West



If you’re thinking buying Vancouver condo listings you will be pleased to find out that they are very close to the financial district in downtown and oftentimes they are within walking distance.

The Canadian economy and the economy in Vancouver are attracting first time homebuyers that are finding it a great option to come and work in the West British Columbia. Also It is making it a very suitable place for worldwide baby boomers, that are downsizing and coming into the city.

Vancouver prides itself in becoming the greenest city in Canada, with many sustainable buildings and parks around the areas. If you visit Stanley Park, you will see ancient forests that are full of green areas, and tropical birds. Often times, property flippers will take a Vancouver condos for sale and make it into a upscale luxury lofts. That provides a very beautiful feel.

Vancouver condos listings include wood frame construction and high rises. They can also be 1 bedroom condos, and 2 bedroom condos and rarely, you may find the odd three bedroom condo.

The fast pace of the Vancouver real estate market is due to a record number of immigrants coming in Vancouver BC. And now it is one of the largest cities in Canada, and the largest city in British Columbia.

Vancouver BC, Canada is host to a number of different international ethnicities and provides a vibrant culture, involving modern and native speakers and truly makes the city feel multicultural. Perhaps you may find the waterfront condo appealing. Due to the beautiful sceneries around waterfront condo markets, often come with a luxury price as well.

The square footage price in Vancouver is reaching sky high. However, you will also be pleased to know that they come with many luxury amenities like swimming pools, tennis courts, and jacuzzi. There’s a lot of nightlife in restaurants that make waterfront areas, really sought after the property market in Vancouver condo listings in these areas are really in high demand.

But in other Vancouver neighborhoods in city centres, you will find a really great investment in the Vancouver condo market in these areas. You can find affordable condos for sale. The property market in Vancouver allows buyers like you to make an investment in a fast moving market. Enjoy lifestyle, shops, restaurants, hotels, and other great potential lifestyles that come with the condos of Vancouver.

Buying a condo in Vancouver is a real Feat. Maybe it’s because of the modern skyscrapers and penthouses that are designed to each have a mountain view or an ocean view. Perhaps it’s the ocean view luxury in the areas of Coal Harbour that have their own distinctive charm and neighborhood.

Perhaps it’s because we have so many new developments in the area. Each area in Vancouver and neighborhood condo market has its own feel in urban vibe from gastown condo developments to Yaletown older apartments, you will see that you will not be disappointed in buying a condo, either as an investment, or to live in.

Vancouver Apartments for Sale

Vancouver bc is one of the best cities in Western Canada, and has always been among the finest livable regions in the world. The Lower Mainland, and even the further out sections of this city like Vancouver West and North Vancouver, are in no way cheap. Many 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom condos are quite out of reach for many homebuyers in the Lower Mainland. Nevertheless, it also is one of the finest West real estate transactions you can ever make, with a highly advanced fast transit system and well-designed development of the region, including new developments in West Hastings. You may search the MLS for condos in Coal harbour, Fairview condos, False creek condos, and even Kitsilano condominiums, and find the best Vancouver West end condos active listings on MLS condo. You can also search Vancouver Yaletown townhouses, Gastown condos and Yaletown condos or many other downtown Vancouver properties. If you a condo seller, our realty team, RA Realty Alliance Inc, can show you recent condo sales in Vancouver West.

Summer seasons in our town are amazing, with agreeable weather, and temperate sunshine. Winters are nippy, commonly snowy, so common outdoor activities are best reserved for the summer. Mull over this list of 5 summer amusements you ought to indulge in. Kits Beach Who does not like beaches? This one is best for the amusement lover in you. Bring your pals along for a rush of volleyball, or only sit and praise the landscape around. You will never know how moments will go by. Bask in the sun as much as you want; if things get too unbearable, a pool is all the time accessible, although there is no guarantee it won’t make things hotter!

Picnic at Stanley Park Like picnics? All of do! Bring a day’s share of food, stacks of fluids and venture out for a day of frolic at Stanley Park. Take a date, pals or your relatives for an amazing and unforgettable experience in any of the several picnic spots the area offers. Whether you desire a riverside location, or an isolated one, this area provides it all. The Seawall

Ranging from end to end of the region, this is a haven for all fitness-conscious individuals. Ideal for walking, running, biking and speed walking, it is a popular destination for those looking for some fresh air or natural refreshment or to gaze at the nearby Vancouver condos. Bring your buddy along, and although you are trim and slim, just run for the thought of all the strong bodies training around.

The Spanish Banks Spent too much strength? Visit the Spanish banks, get a cold drink, and drink down as the air blows through your curls. It is a perfect spot to recharge sucked out energy due to a strenuous day of activities. It is very isolated, so you will be away from the normal chatter that covers beaches otherwise. Grousse Grind

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