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False Creek Condos For Sale

Search has 94 results in False Creek Condos For Sale. Average Price: $1,193,421, Highest Price: $10,898,000, Lower Price: $469,000, Medium Price: $5,683,500, Average Property Tax: $2,704, Average Square Foot: 1,050, Average Days On Market: 55, Average Year Built: 2003
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1505 159 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

1505 159 W 2ND AVENUE, Vancouver West

567 108 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver

567 108 W 1ST AVENUE, Vancouver West

319 1783 Manitoba Street, Vancouver

319 1783 MANITOBA STREET, Vancouver West

296 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver

296 W 1ST AVENUE, Vancouver West

70 1425 Lamey's Mill Road, Vancouver

70 1425 LAMEY'S MILL ROAD, Vancouver West

106 1477 Fountain Way, Vancouver

106 1477 FOUNTAIN WAY, Vancouver West

1605 288 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver

1605 288 W 1ST AVENUE, Vancouver West

204 1616 Columbia Street, Vancouver

204 1616 COLUMBIA STREET, Vancouver West

409 388 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver

409 388 W 1ST AVENUE, Vancouver West

205 1477 Fountain Way, Vancouver

205 1477 FOUNTAIN WAY, Vancouver West

690 Millbank, Vancouver

690 MILLBANK, Vancouver West

242 658 Leg In Boot Square, Vancouver

242 658 LEG IN BOOT SQUARE, Vancouver West

407 1919 Wylie Street, Vancouver

407 1919 WYLIE STREET, Vancouver West

206 1633 Ontario Street, Vancouver

206 1633 ONTARIO STREET, Vancouver West

507 89 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

507 89 W 2ND AVENUE, Vancouver West

205 88 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver

205 88 W 1ST AVENUE, Vancouver West

3 1201 Lamey's Mill Road, Vancouver

3 1201 LAMEY'S MILL ROAD, Vancouver West

304 1859 Spyglass Place, Vancouver

304 1859 SPYGLASS PLACE, Vancouver West

904 1887 Crowe Street, Vancouver

904 1887 CROWE STREET, Vancouver West

213 2055 Yukon Street, Vancouver

213 2055 YUKON STREET, Vancouver West

1006 1887 Crowe Street, Vancouver

1006 1887 CROWE STREET, Vancouver West

606 1450 Pennyfarthing Drive, Vancouver

606 1450 PENNYFARTHING DRIVE, Vancouver West

204 1515 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

204 1515 W 2ND AVENUE, Vancouver West

605 445 W 2nd Avenue, Vancouver

605 445 W 2ND AVENUE, Vancouver West

302 38 W 1st Avenue, Vancouver

302 38 W 1ST AVENUE, Vancouver West

307 650 Moberly Road, Vancouver

307 650 MOBERLY ROAD, Vancouver West

509 1919 Wylie Street, Vancouver

509 1919 WYLIE STREET, Vancouver West


False Creek Apartments For Sale

Found at about the heart of Vancouver BC Canada is a truncated inlet, home to many residents in this area. This zone is the separation point between downtown and the other section of the city. George Henry Richards gave False Creek its name as he was running his Hydrographic survey through the years of 1856 to 1863. At the eastern end of False Creek lies Science World, and at the western end is the Burrard Street Bridge. What’s more, the Cambie Street and Granville Street bridges cross False Creek too. From this regions is the point of origin for big sporting arenas in the city, examples including BC Place (home to the BC Lions) and GM Place, which is home to the Canucks. The area is where the Canucks play in GM Place and where the BC Lions have games in BC Place, which makes it a great city if one loves sports. False Creek can be additionally home to the race dubbed the Molson Indy Champ Car race. This race, though, is currently not placed there because, after the 2004 race, the promoters held it in Edmonton instead. What’s more, in southeastern False Creek condominiums, improvements were constructed to get ready for the sale of the Winter Olympics Village.

Many dragon boats from a variety of different nations join the festival making it a wonderful family event. vancouver in general in the summer is a great destination for any family. This area s well known for great events year round, from sport, family and much more!

Update 2018: This was the epic location for the Olympic Village, now an exuberant place in 2018. Many townhousees in and around the area have blossomed and lifestyle has set in. This city never ceases to amaze you.

We had significant growth in population in BC, and this had made a huge impact on the only place still left for grown. In fact, the downtown core is truly moving east as developers fill in “the gap.” Through boom and busts, we always hear two things: “I wish I bought 5 years ago” and “This town is too expensive.” It is true indeed that this city is quite expensive, and the rising costs make it difficult to settle here. But if you can scrape but a little you will be rewarded with mountains, fresh air, safety, the rule of law, great jobs, growing economy and spectacular water sceneries. BC Canada really does have these things to offer if you enjoy these items of course.

It’s simply incredible to watch our city grow from a small town to a world jewel. It has not come without its growing pains as mainland residents often look to the rising costs and say “we did this to ourselves since Expo 86.” But for those who are passionate about a growing city, Vancouver is truly magnificent and with more residents, the number of cultural events is also growing – with time of course.

If you would like more information for any of these wonderful events feel free to contact us ! We are always here for you, simply contact us!
This is one of Vancouver’s most stylish and attractive downtown neighbourhoods. The inhabitants that make up this extraordinary network from hipsters to sports enthusiasts. See below Information on new condos and presale condos. Presales and pre-development condominiums: 3-9 months before sales start. For every individual new apartment suite, you will get data on the blend of condos in the building, the number of town houses in the complex. Richard Morrison Real Estate Services is your entire asset for purchasing condos and townhouses. View every single current listing and point by point complex data.
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