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Vancouver West Homes For Sale

Search has 668 results in Vancouver West Homes For Sale. Average Price: $5,457,856, Highest Price: $39,980,000, Lower Price: $50,000, Medium Price: $20,015,000, Average Property Tax: $15,360, Average Square Foot: 3,916, Average Days On Market: 114, Average Year Built: 1974
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6909 Cambie Street, Vancouver

6909 CAMBIE STREET, Vancouver West

1910 Quilchena Crescent, Vancouver

1910 QUILCHENA CRESCENT, Vancouver West

7538 Angus Drive, Vancouver

7538 ANGUS DRIVE, Vancouver West

2345 W 22nd Avenue, Vancouver

2345 W 22ND AVENUE, Vancouver West

5490 Highbury Street, Vancouver

5490 HIGHBURY STREET, Vancouver West

6889 Cambie Street, Vancouver

6889 CAMBIE STREET, Vancouver West

5512 Wallace Street, Vancouver

5512 WALLACE STREET, Vancouver West

2848 W 21st Avenue, Vancouver

2848 W 21ST AVENUE, Vancouver West

1083 W 43rd Avenue, Vancouver

1083 W 43RD AVENUE, Vancouver West

4077 W 36th Avenue, Vancouver

4077 W 36TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

5588 Holland Street, Vancouver

5588 HOLLAND STREET, Vancouver West

1950 Nanton Avenue, Vancouver

1950 NANTON AVENUE, Vancouver West

3019 Point Grey Road, Vancouver

3019 POINT GREY ROAD, Vancouver West

3815 W 31st Avenue, Vancouver

3815 W 31ST AVENUE, Vancouver West

8132 Shaughnessy Street, Vancouver

8132 SHAUGHNESSY STREET, Vancouver West

6775 West Boulevard, Vancouver

6775 WEST BOULEVARD, Vancouver West

3757 W 29th Avenue, Vancouver

3757 W 29TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

6808 Angus Drive, Vancouver

6808 ANGUS DRIVE, Vancouver West

3624 W 3rd Avenue, Vancouver

3624 W 3RD AVENUE, Vancouver West

3435 W 38th Avenue, Vancouver

3435 W 38TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

3282 W 33rd Avenue, Vancouver

3282 W 33RD AVENUE, Vancouver West

1519 W 33rd Avenue, Vancouver

1519 W 33RD AVENUE, Vancouver West

4383 W 15th Avenue, Vancouver

4383 W 15TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

4232 W 8th Avenue, Vancouver

4232 W 8TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

4426 W 3rd Avenue, Vancouver

4426 W 3RD AVENUE, Vancouver West

2953 W 36th Avenue, Vancouver

2953 W 36TH AVENUE, Vancouver West

4164 Pine Crescent, Vancouver

4164 PINE CRESCENT, Vancouver West

Vancouver Real Estate

If you are searching for Vancouver homes for sale you have chosen an extremely beautiful city located on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia.

There are beautiful neighbourhoods located all throughout the city. Coal harbour used to be the main Port District in the Vancouver area. However, now it has been redesigned and rebuilt to become a neighbourhood of luxury apartments and some commercial properties. This residential neighbourhood is one of the most stunning postcard picturesque views that Vancouver has to offer.

There are other neighbourhoods in the downtown core, including downtown Vancouver, Yaletown, Gastown, and other areas centralized close to many conveniences such as Urban Fare, Choices, T&T supermarket, International Village Mall, Pacific Center Mall, and many others. The Downtown Eastside is known as a low earning income area in a few homeless individuals that have required living in assisted conditions. The city is truly diverse. You have luxury condos on one side and homelessness issues on the other.

The West End is a beautiful residential design strict with many apartments and condos and mixed commercial units. The West End is also home to Vancouver’s Pride Parade and gay community near the Davie village. To the southeast side part of town, you will find one of the oldest neighbourhoods along the banks of the False creek next to the seawall, called Yaletown. This used to be a neighbourhood hood full of warehouses and commercial real estate district. However, the community was completely reinvigorated with a mix of luxury condos and apartments in the late 1990s.

Vancouver BC Canada also includes beautiful neighbourhoods, such as West Point, grey, Sunset, Fraser view, Killarney, Kitsilano, Mount Pleasant, Granville Island, Kerrisdale, and East Vancouver.


Vancouver has beautiful climate in one of the primary in principle attractions. Each year, more and more tourists flock to this city, making it one of the most visited cities in North America. It has a beautiful and warm climate that resembles the Mediterranean type warm summers. Sometimes a typical summer is so dry between August and July that Vancouver sometimes experiences droughts.

Vancouver, however, it is known to host a significant amount of rainfall between the months of September to April. This is called the rainy city for a reason. Because it is located near the Rocky Mountains, most of the British Columbia’s fall and winter remains under a cloud. Snow amounts here are very small during the winter and typically on average Vancouver gets snow between two and four weeks out of the entire year, making it a very comfortable condition.


Popular Areas – Houses for sale in Vancouver West

Other Popular Areas

This city is located between the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It is one of the largest cities in Canada and located in the province of British Columbia. Vancouver has more population than 600,000 residents and almost 2.8 million people that call the Metro Vancouver and the Greater Vancouver area their home.

This city has a very strong high urban density in British Columbia, with over 5000 people per square kilometer. Vancouver is certainly about the third or fourth mostly populated area in North America. Other cities that also exhibit the same qualities are Mexico City, San Francisco and New York. Vancouver can be seen as a beta global city, which is a city that links moderate economic areas into an economy that is interconnected worldwide.

This is why the ports in Vancouver are one of the busiest sites in the world. Oftentimes in the community of Coal Harbour you will see people strolling by in Stanley Park or going for bike rides on a Sunday. Stanley Park is a protected wooded area of over 1200 acres and is a chance for everybody to escape into the greenery, which is right inside the city of Vancouver.

One of the reasons why many people come to this location is because it is one of the warmest cities during the winter and the moderate temperature city in the summertime. BC’s booming economy is one of the strongest in Canada and in North America, making it a huge destination for workers around the world and come here to experience the Canadian Real Estate Market.

Currently, Vancouver’s median home sale price hovers just below $1 million. This price point was found by finding all sold properties in the Greater Vancouver area for the time period of 2019 just after the Vancouver real estate market dropped slight number.

Included in these numbers are condos sold throughout last month and most of the year and a few detached homes currently sold in the same time period. The medium price also reflects the midpoint between condos and detached homes. Sold presently.

Vancouver has a moderate amount of houses for sale, townhouses for sale and condos for sale, especially during this current downturn in 2019 where BC MLS Listings have surged.

To visit more information about the Vancouver real estate market, make sure you check out this market starts page.

Worldwide you will see headlines in newspapers were Vancouver real estate market continues to make headlines. It has been over two or three decades where property prices have risen and made housing affordability issue throughout the city.

However, despite the current housing downturn, The Vancouver housing market is still quite strong. Vancouver is known for having a housing market that is very stable.

Most buyers initially don’t know that you should not take your time when searching for a home. On average, most houses only stay in the market for around one or three weeks. Meaning that houses for sale in Vancouver are usually taken quite aggressively – sometimes with bully offers.

Which means that most homebuyers have to be ready with mortgage financing and come up with strong offers. Even though the median condo prices are still below the $900,000, condos in Vancouver and the Metro Vancouver area sell reasonably quickly.

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Home Buyers

Metro Vancouver is known for its beautiful communities, with mountains and oceans surrounding them, making them for Hollywood type scenery. Its no wonder why the city is referred to Hollywood North as many movies are filmed here each year. Each community provides a wonderful core competency that will surely meet every buyers needs. For example, Investors love the east and west parts of commercial drive or Victoria and Main Street. In these areas, investors find houses that make two separate contained units known as Vancouver specials with basement suites, and townhouses. The suites often have 1 or 2 bedrooms so that they can be rented out. Known as mortgage helpers, this is certainly a real estate hack that is usefully in such an unaffordable city.

Professionals however, like to be near areas where they can get access to the Vancouver airport YVR and they also like the neighborhoods to the south, for instance, Sunset and Marpole. If you are family oriented and would like to be in a neighborhood that cuddles your entire family, there are homes listed under $2 million in the Kerrisdale, the Fairview area and the Sunset Hastings Sunrise area. Many places on Granville Island and coal harbour have incredibly beautiful townhomes, penthouses and condos, for any type of urban dweller.

Find a Vancouver Realtor

The best way and quick start to your search is to speak with a local Vancouver Realtor to find out what homes for sale in Vancouver will meet will meet your needs. You may probably have better things to do with your time than searching for houses for sale in Vancouver, however. Typically, a home buyer does not have to pay any commission to Vancouver real estate agents to see if properties meet their needs. Home sellers in Vancouver often pay the home sale commission.

For starters, you may check out some of the neighborhoods that we mentioned here to find out the lowest and the highest medium sale prices and average sale prices. And perhaps you will find the best suitable areas and allow us to take over your search. After all, you do not have to pay a single dime.

Facts about the city

In 2018 zero waste strategy was initiated by the city of Vancouver for the goal in 2040 to become the target. As a part of this, there was a ban on plastic straws. From there you can see just how green the city is becoming.

The economy in Vancouver with its location in the Pacific rim generates more than $172 billion with over 160 countries around the world. The city of Vancouver airport does incredible business for the rest of Canada.

The scenic beauty around Vancouver is a major attraction for anyone the visits this town. There are many city gardens as well like Queen Elizabeth Park VanDusen botanical gardens amongst many others.

Vancouver is the most stressed city in terms of housing affordability in Canada. In 2012 this city was ranked as the second most unaffordable town to live in the entire world. We have as a result many government strategies have been developed to curb prices of Vancouver homes for sale, all form by the 3 levels of the Canadian government.

Since the 1990s the development of huge high-rises in the downtown have had huge capital inflows from Hong Kong immigrants and other parts of China as well as other areas in the entire world. Since the 1986 world expo, Vancouver has been showcased as an attractive city with higher-income residents flocking to live here.

There are plenty of types of properties in Vancouver downtown, for example, townhouses, to penthouses and 1 bedroom/studio units as well as two-bedroom condos. The prices of these particular residences have also risen significantly with the immigration and migration Boom that has been permeated throughout the decade.

Altogether the urban planning is one of the most densely populated cities in Canada. Vancouver’s characteristics of urban planning started out in the 50s in the west end and now we have regained a huge amount of land and continue to expand to the Eastside.

In the west area we have areas like Arbutus, Cambie, Dunbar, Fairview, False creek, Kerrisdale, Kitsilano, Mckenzie Heights, Marpole, mount pleasant, Oak Ridge, Point Grey, Quilchena, Southwest marine, Shaughnessy, South Cambie, South Granville, Southlands, and UBC University.

All of these areas make up some of the most expensive residential areas in town.

The climate in this city is actually one of the warmest in Canada. Vancouver has on average the warmest winters and the coolest summers out of the entire country. The summer months are usually quite dry receiving very little rain. But ask any Vancouver resident and they will tell you that this town is very wet during the winter times! On average snow only falls about one or two weeks per year and typically Vancouver rights will not go to the roads and drive. I think it’s maybe because of a lack of experience of driving in the snow. Overall Vancouver has a very moderate climate and certainly has a hand over the rest of Canada and it’s frozen cities.

This is a wonderful city with many opportunities economically as well as any lifestyle. Just up the north of BC, a new Site C project was approved and the gas pipeline project with over $40 billion of infrastructure, making one of the largest projects in Canada. The number of job growth continues to increase and population from across Canada continues to migrate over to this great city. While some may decide to stay in their offices, many residents leave their workplaces to meet up in green spaces, in parks, in cafes all around Vancouver.

Sometimes during the weekend, many people go and shop at farmer’s markets shopping for apples, bananas, tomatoes and strawberries grown locally. Residents also enjoy many in town tourist attractions, such as Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Stanley Park, and many other areas located in British Columbia, such as Lynn Canyon, Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, and Seymour mountain.

If you’d like to go for a quick drink, there are many pubs, craft breweries and local distilleries that have a huge base of fans and people who love food. One of our favorites is the Tacofino and they are very well known for their wonderful Mexican cuisine.

Other places like Meat + Bread, and Urban Fair and many others have been a Vancouver favorite for a long time. If you’d like to enjoy the day with your family, perhaps you could spend some time in Gastown. Or go inside to enjoy the Vancouver Aquarium or Science World. There are many public swimming pools in Vancouver as well. And on a sunny day, you could perhaps head on over to water parks located on Granville Island. Many beachgoers also find playtime in local beaches such as Kitsilano beach, Locarno beach, and Spanish banks. And a Vancouver downtown favorite is second beach, located inside Vancouver’s own Stanley Park.

Cities Nearby

Because housing affordability remains an issue in Vancouver, a few homebuyers have decided to buy near cities around Vancouver and commute to their work.

These buyers have a craving for larger homes and land / lots with good access to Vancouver’s downtown core. There are many cities in and around the GVRD and perhaps some incredible options are the city of Richmond Coquitlam, New Westminster and Burnaby. You may want to look at neighborhoods that are closer to SkyTrain stations and/or highway 1 or perhaps in areas such as Steveston or Metrotown, which offer close by proximity to the city.

If your budget does not allow being near these areas, you may find more affordable detached homes in cities like Port Moody, Langley and the City of Surrey.


Remember that when you buy a property, you are really buying into the neighborhood. To ensure that your lifestyle fits into these areas, make sure you check out the demographics in Vancouver. This information is taken from Statistics Canada: Most Vancouverites have 63% college education. The average family income is around $56,000. The average age of Vancouver residents is 40 years old. The city has a total of just over 140,000 families and 51 to 52% of residents rent in the area, while 48 to 49% of residents own homes in the area. The average monthly rent per month is $1,005.


When you search for homes for sale in Vancouver open houses you will see many elementary schools and secondary schools in Vancouver. Just below each listing, we have a neighborhood profile on our website you can search for elementary schools such as York House, Crafton house, and West Point grey and other secondary schools, such as Vancouver College and St. George’s Secondary.


SkyTrain, Light rail trains and the West Coast Express all take citizens in and out of the city each day. Vancouver allows for working and living and for you to leave your car at home, and/or perhaps to bike to work.

To get a quick idea of how residents go in and out of the city: 4% of them bike to work, while 14% of them walk to work. 30% take transit and up to 54% of residents drive into work.
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