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North Vancouver Homes For Sale

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1325 Dempsey Road, North Vancouver

1325 DEMPSEY ROAD, North Vancouver

4480 Hoskins Road, North Vancouver

4480 HOSKINS ROAD, North Vancouver

1645 Dempsey Road, North Vancouver

1645 DEMPSEY ROAD, North Vancouver

4197 Glenhaven Crescent, North Vancouver

4197 GLENHAVEN CRESCENT, North Vancouver

296 Newdale Court, North Vancouver

296 NEWDALE COURT, North Vancouver

1120 Tall Tree Lane, North Vancouver

1120 TALL TREE LANE, North Vancouver

2032 Frames Court, North Vancouver

2032 FRAMES COURT, North Vancouver

788 E 10th Street, North Vancouver

788 E 10TH STREET, North Vancouver

1165 Cortell Street, North Vancouver

1165 CORTELL STREET, North Vancouver

1377 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver

1377 LYNN VALLEY ROAD, North Vancouver

4080 Prospect Road, North Vancouver

4080 PROSPECT ROAD, North Vancouver

175 E Braemar Road, North Vancouver

175 E BRAEMAR ROAD, North Vancouver

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Well welcome! City of North Van is a waterfront district on the shores of the Burrard Inlet. It is the smallest of the three municipalities located in the north shore of the lower mainland. In the city you can find the oldest settlement in the inlet, namely Moodyville. The only other older settlement is in New Westminster. The sheer high cost of developing near the mountains made this area slow to develop at first. The roads in that time or sometimes not well-connected and also made it difficult for any development of real estate. The long distances the big streams, creeks, valleys, and massive rain falls, made this area under desirable for a long time. It is said that a land developer by the name of James Cooper Keith personally took on and underwrote a mess of loam to start the construction which connected West Vancouver to Deepcove and developed the all-important infrastructure to develop the North Shore. The first bank in subsequent newspaper arrived near the year of 1907. In 1906, the electric railway co further lengthening the infrastructure from Lansdale to 12th St. The city of North then continue to grow around the area of Lonsdale and he continues to develop its infrastructure from this area. The shipyards and railway provided a huge Industrial economy and further increased its economic power after the second Narrows bridge was built. Today the area of lower Lonsdale features several open community spaces like ship builders Square and Burrard dry dock her industrial economy, and further increased its economic power after the second Narrows bridge was built. Today the area of lower Lonsdale features several open community spaces like ship builders Square and Burrard dry dock pier. You will find no refuge from the rain in the city because many clouds accumulate near the mountains making this area one of the worst precipitation is in the lower mainland. Some of the interesting sites that you can see in North Vancouver are the shipyards, the centennial theater, and the presentation house gallery. Transportation in and out Of the city is provided by a seabus terminal, many bus routes, and by car you have the TransCanada highway. This area has its challenges because it does not contain a Skype train station nearby. This is one of the drawbacks of living in the north shore. According to 2011 household study the median value of the household income in North Vancouver was about $52,000. This means that on average this area has a bit lower income than the national average. Despite this property values continue to surge. Some of the more prominent residences are mansions, Ranchers, And 2 story and three story Houses. The neighbourhoods in the city include upper Lonsdale, Strathcona, Seymour, Riverside, Queensbury, Pemberton Heights, Norgate, maplewood, Lynn Valley, Lynnmour, Lynn Creek, Lionsview, Keith Lynn, Hamilton, Grouse woods, Forest hills, Edgemont village, Delbrook, deep Cove, Cove Cliff, Cleveland Park, Capilano, Canyon Heights, Boulevard, and blueridge. I A big make up of European Canadians [69%], and Asians [15%] with the remainder being a mix of different ethnicities. This makes this area incredible to live because of its diversity, representing the true Canadian spirit!


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