Investment Real Estate in Vancouver BC – Best Places to Buy

Discover our Unique Strategy for Greater Vancouver Real Estate Investments, and the best places to buy a rental property in Vancouver and Investment Properties in BC.

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The Vancouver real estate market has out-performed year after year without fail! See below 5 ways we help you profit from this market. Right now we have hot areas in Coquitlam, Surrey, Langley, New Westminster and others that you can get in at a good price range and still quite possibly cash flow!

Our Vancouver real estate Investment Property Strategy generates a high return on investment and earns positive cash flow.

If you are just starting your search or are a seasoned investor looking into Investment Properties in Vancouver, you are at the right Vancouver Investment Property site. All of the pieces are in place. With our strategy, You will benefit from:

  1. Greater Vancouver Income Properties with a positive cash flow and high ROI
  2. Low interest Mortgages
  3. Independent Financing (Can’t come up with all the down payment? No problem. We will help.)
  4. A proven strategy to manage your revenue properties A Network of Real Estate Investors built over 20 years (Independent Financial Lenders No Fees for our services: No fee for Buyers. 

See what hundreds of our clients have said over the years:

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Why Real Estate Investment Vancouver?

1) Multiply Profit Centres

Someone else pays for your investment – Your tenants literally pay for your investments. Few investments have this advantage.

investment real estate vancouver

Over time, with inflation, your rental income increases, the value of the property increases, your mortgage payments decrease, as the principal is paid off effortlessly. Regardless of what happens in the real estate market, you will own your investments free by clear courtesy of your tenant! Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver EastCoquitlam, Surrey, New Westminster all have a near 0% vacancy rates and are excellent areas to invest in; so finding tenants is very easy.

Our team has everything in place to deploy a strategy to help you to become wealthy with passive income. What do we do that is so unique? A phone call away is all that takes for you to understand. We will schedule an appointment for you to see these investment properties and educate you on the whole concept.

best places to buy rental property in vancouver bc canada
This Slide is 12 years Old – But Never Gets Old!

Long-term appreciation Historically, real estate in Vancouver has been one of the only investment vehicles that have kept pace with or exceeded inflation. With Vancouver being one of the most desirable cities to live in the world, investing in real estate in Vancouver is one of the most dependable and secure strategies for creating and preserving wealth. If you’ve owned your own home for the last 25 years you should already know this.

Does the market matter? No, because our strategy is to buy and hold. We have just shown you 25 years of consistent growth.

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Even if the market is not doing so well, you are buying and holding an investment property that pays for itself. You are gaining cash flow and creating wealth for years to come. The market may fluctuate, but it will consistently increase over the years, making our strategy one of the safest investments you can ever make.

Residual Monthly Income Your Vancouver Real Estate investment can provide an income that can outlive you! As rents increase and mortgage payments decrease over time, your income grows. This provides you a monthly ongoing income stream with virtually no effort.

2) Leverage on your Investment Real Estate in Vancouver

One of the biggest advantages of Real Estate investing with us is OPM – “Other People’s Money.” Our unconventional lenders lend you money because our revenue homes are one of the safest and most secure investments. In other words, they’re near risk-free.

investment properties vancouver

With Leverage, growth is attached to the value of your property, not on how much money you put down. This can multiply your returns substantially!

3) Rental Property in Vancouver Ownership and control

Rental Property in Vancouver provides you with the greatest amount of ownership possible for investments. Don’t let the board of directors or investment advisors decide how your money will be invested! Control your own future!

With our real estate strategy, you get the security and title to a tangible asset, just like your own home/business. You maintain complete control of the property and can sell, hold, refinance, or whatever you wish.

4) Tax advantages for Vancouver Investment Properties

For Principal Residences:

Take your profits out tax free – If you buy a property to live in, called a principal residence, you do not have to pay taxes on the capital gain of your home. For instance, if you sell your home for $50,000 more than what you paid, you do not have to pay taxes on any of it!

Vancouver investment property

Your tax-free dollars can be reinvested to further compound your growth. All of this while the tenants in the basements pay for your mortgage! Then, you can move to another house, and start up another project for one more year or two.

For Vancouver Investment Properties where you do not reside:

Tax deferral – Just like RRSPs, Real Estate profits are not taxed until you sell. If you purchased a property for $300,000 and it is appreciated up to $450,000, the $150,000 gain is protected from taxes until you sell. You benefit because your investment can grow tax-free year after year. Another option is to re-mortgage the house or get a line of credit against it to buy another one and again, it’s tax-free.

However, unlike RRSPs, Real Estate has no limit to what you can shelter from taxes (RRSP – max. 18%-20% of annual income).

Get 50% of your profits tax-free (Capital Gains) – Revenue home profits get the benefits of Capital Gains. You are taxed on only 50% of your capital gains, unlike income from your employment and interest income from Bonds, GICs, etc (100%). You get 50% of your profits tax free – which is very significant!

Tax Deduction advantages – Investment Properties allow for many tax deductions. Your finance and operating costs such as mortgage interest, property management fees, property taxes, repair and maintenance, etc. can all be deducted from income. We even have strategies to deduct the mortgage from your principal properties! Want to find out more? Call us today.

All of these benefits are unique to each investor, we suggest that you give us a phone call so that we can sit down and make an appointment to show you our unique concept of real estate investing in Vancouver!

Even with all these tools and advantages available, for many people the only Real Estate they invest in is their own principal residence (their own home). What they find when they retire is their greatest asset and investment is their home. Had they thought about our innovative real estate strategy, or known someone like us, perhaps they would have invested in more Real Estate like our Revenue Homes!

Only 4% of retired individuals retire financially free. Call us today: 604-767-3703.

You will learn by doing and witnessing others and by following the steps of our proven successful clients. Learning from our experience. We are always there for you to give you all the support you need, as this is a long-term business relationship.

Only 5% of the population act to fulfil their goals! This is a proven fact!

Aristotle said:
“Those who act win, and rightly win, the noble and good things in life.”

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Best Places to Buy Rental Property in BC: Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Maple Ridge

B.C. and The lower mainland is receiving a massive inward migration from other provinces and is also benefiting from Canada’s open immigration policies bringing millions of new immigrants each year. We focus on areas of densification where we know population is booming.

Specific areas in Surrey BC, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, Port Moody, Maple Ridge and even Mission are all areas that are on the map to increase populations and job growth.

Knowing the right sub-areas to invest with precise knowledge of population and job growth projections coupled with knowledge of infrastructure projects in that sub area is key as an investor. We can provide you with this expertise. Contact us today and let’s get started!

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