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5 Factors That Affect the Effectiveness of Real Estate Agent Recruitment

Being a real estate agent recruiter is one of the most challenging roles to take on in the real estate industry. After all, if you decide to work in this position, you will essentially be tasked to sales talk to some of the most adept salespeople in the world of business. How effectively you could communicate your broker’s value proposition to people who pretty much know all the tricks in the book will most likely determine if you’ll get an affirmative answer or not.

To help you better understand what makes real estate agents tick and what could convince them to be more inclined to listen to what you have to say, we’ve come up with this short list of factors that affect the effectiveness of real estate agent recruiting processes. By incorporating some of the ideas discussed in this article into your own recruitment plan, you could hopefully make your own recruitment efforts more fruitful and successful.

The Broker’s Ability to Help Agents Find Leads

Stability of income is one of the most important considerations for real estate agents. Because they know that how much they’ll earn each month will depend on their ability to bring in business to their firm, they’ll be more inclined to join a team if they know they’ll get the help they need in terms of finding and securing new leads. This gives them more  assurance that they can achieve the quotas expected of them each month.

The Broker’s Capacity to Leverage Technology

Real estate brokers have the option of using technology in order to help their agents achieve better lead generation and enable more successful lead nurturing. Access to such tools are very important for real estate agents because these will allow them to streamline their processes, in addition to helping them work more efficiently. The right real estate broker software can serve as a one-stop shop for everything they need to do for each business day, bringing together multiple functionalities that will allow them to do more during the same amount of time. These important software features may include contact management, document management, task management, calendar appointment, transaction management, and email and SMS messaging capabilities, among others.

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Opportunities for Training

Agents, especially those who are still in the early stages of their careers, appreciate brokers that put a lot of emphasis on the constant and continued education of their associates. Not only do training opportunities send the message that the firm cares for their agents, they  also arm agents with the knowledge and additional skills they need to further advance their careers. By helping them become more adept and more productive, they’ll be able to bring in more money not just for themselves but for the firm as a whole.

Company Culture and Values

Every brokerage has its own unique way of doing things, in addition to having a singular set of principles that they adhere to. If you are proud of your company’s culture and values, then it makes perfect sense to highlight them during your recruitment process. Underscoring what makes your firm different from all others by honing in on your company’s culture and values will provide prospective recruits a glimpse into what your company is like behind the scenes. Whether you support charities, do volunteer work on a regular basis, or extend a host of outreach opportunities to your employees’ families, it pays to let your prospects know how passionate you are with what you do, emphasizing that they, too, can be part of this community.

Opportunities for Networking and Making Connections

A related point to providing agents with training opportunities is giving them opportunities for networking and making connections. Events that bring agents together to collaborate with their peers, as well as to hear from thought leaders in the real estate industry will do a brokerage firm a lot of good. Agents will be brought up to speed with the latest trends, in addition to gaining valuable insights and learning about industry best practices that will allow them to improve their own processes better. When seeking out prospects, it’s important to highlight to your potential recruits that your firm consistently joins or participates in such events. This will send the message that your company constantly seeks opportunities to empower agents, providing them access to such valuable resources and gatherings which they may not otherwise have access to.

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Consistent and reliable income property, ample training and support, and positive company culture and values are what agents really desire. Training and networking opportunities, in particular, are actual imperatives that agents will want to hear about because these are the things that will allow them to succeed both over the short term and in the course of their careers in the real estate industry. Position your brokerage firm as being at the intersection of all of these elements, and you’ll soon see more positive outcomes from your recruitment process.


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