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5 Ways AR & VR Can Reshape Real Estate

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) are a lot helpful to many industries but one, in particular, Real Estate. The latest innovations in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology are changing how real estate properties are designed, bought, sold, and managed.

In simple terms, AR and VR are immersive technologies that allow the users (in this case, the buyers of the property) to interact with a digital environment. VR helps the users to get into a completely different digital environment where they immerse themselves in a new world, where they get to see their homes and offices before they are built.

On the other hand, AR is an enhancer to the existing reality around you. For example, you look at an empty corner of your room through an AR app camera and see a virtual couch or a dresser in that place.

So, VR is an immersion into a 100% new reality using a VR headset, while AR is an enhancement in the current reality around you. The combination of AR and VR is called Mixed Reality (MR). These technologies help users visualize properties and better imagine what it would be like to live there.

A Real estate mobile app development company is what you need to build your company’s digital persona and launch your real estate business in a digital space.

Top 5 Benefits of AR/VR Technology in Real Estate App

There are several benefits of integrating AR/VR technology with your real estate app. Here are a few of the best reasons to implement AR/VR technology:

1. Portable Presentations & Demos

The most beneficial reason to go with the real estate mobile app development approach is to provide a portable presentation and demo. The best thing about such digital AR/VR presentations is that it can be viewed and shared with anyone in the world.

Imagine the possibilities that your sales reps can achieve by cutting all the other competitors that are still waiting for their customers to visit the properties. So, you can benefit a lot by attending the customers at their choice of place and time.

Buyers usually look at several properties before deciding on a home. So, if you have the perfect solution for them to visit all the properties without wasting time on travel, I can bet you will have a really high chance of a conversion.

That solution is AR/VR technology in a smartphone app. By merely putting on a headset, the clients can virtually experience the interior of the property whenever they want and without having to travel.

2. Make an Emotional Connection

A real estate property is not just an asset; it’s a home where you live or an office where you build your dreams. There is an emotional connection that people feel with such properties. It will help you a lot if you can create that emotional connection with the customers in the first pitch.

By building a real estate mobile app with VR and AR capabilities, you provide that emotional connection to all your customers in your sales pitch. The VR experience places users inside a whole new world, the world of their dream, showing them the place where they’ll spend their lives.

With this VR app solution, you can give them the chance to see their own home or office and elicit the emotions that will help you make the sale.

3. Keep Costs Down

There are many costs that a real estate company has to bear to show houses and offices to potential buyers—the cost of decorating the space, scale models, hosting open houses, etc. Virtual Reality replaces all those costs with just a headset and a virtual design of the property.

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Whether you are showing off a brand new site yet to break ground or selling the last couple of lots, or perhaps reselling a traditional property, you can easily sell a lot more easily with a VR pitch. If VR headsets fill a bit much, then you can also go with the AR app option for smartphones and tablets.

4. Reach Prospects Anywhere

What is the most common problem in selling real estate property? The distance of potential buyers hurts the sale. Several potential property buyers are lost just because they live beyond a certain distance from the property.

With AR and VR, your salespersons have the right resources to pitch to people right at their home. Next time you don’t show the boring brochures or a PDF, instead, you can do a visual presentation with AR/VR app instead.

AR/VR has the power to give an impressive, immersive experience. So, instead of selling a home or office space just based on a flat floor plan, it would be a lot better to pitch the idea with a visual presentation where they can see the finished property right at their home.

Your clients can see any number of properties without requiring to travel to various properties.

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5. View & Customize Every Angle

VR is more than just a walkthrough of the digital version of a property. With an interactive AR/VR program, the users can view, interact, and even customize elements of the program. These customizations and interactivity can be applied to the walls, flooring, fabrics, counters, and even furniture models and layout.

Give your prospects the rewarding hands-on experience of making a home their own. Picture being able to change fabrics and finishes in real-time, right in your show suite, simply by viewing the space through a tablet.

With the VR presentation through the real estate app, the users can view the entire property, including interiors and exteriors. This miraculous approach takes the flat brochure and transforms it into a 3D environment anytime, anywhere.

Build Your Own AR/VR Integrated Real Estate App

There are hard days in sales, and there are good days. But one thing is for sure; if you have the edge over your competitors in sales, then you’ll be seeing more of the good days. AR and VR integration, while developing your real estate app, will give you a really good boost in procuring sales.

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Get the best real estate mobile app development company to build your real estate business’ mobile app. In the bad economy that hit 2020, this one feature could help you really well in converting potential sales.


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