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Home Staging Vancouver: How to Stage Your Property Without a Huge Expense

The power of their Vancouver home staging was so evident in Helen and Dan’s story. We would never sell our own homes without staging! It’s kind of a big of a deal.

Helen and Dan are not alone. Have you ever walked through a show home in a new development? Making your home look like that is the goal of staging.

Vancouver Home Staging
Your home in Vancouver can look bright, spacious, and inviting without you having to spend a fortune.

Home staging is an art form. Good stagers can bring out the best features in your home and create an environment that makes buyers feel great when they walk through.

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Dan and Lynn’s story is another great example of the power of staging. They were ready to sell their lovely character home, which had many updates and was filled with charm. They assumed the worn carpeting up the stairs and in the bedrooms would need replacing at a cost of $10,000.

We suggested Vancouver home staging instead. Dan and Lynn met with our stager and went ahead with the plan. They could not believe the difference staging made!

We received multiple offers after an open house that had more than 200 people! Not one person mentioned the worn carpet. Everyone commented on how low lovely the home showed.

The result? A quick sale for top-dollar. The cost of staging was $2,000, saving Dan and Lynn $8,000. Needless to say, they were delighted!

It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a few before-and-after shots of staging, which are pretty remarkable.

The transformation of this living room was incredible!


Vancouver Home Staging

Notice that some pieces were taken out to create a more open feel. One wall was painted in a feature colour. Better lighting was added, and the addition of an area rug, blinds, chair, artwork, and accent furnishings finished the transformation. No costly renovations were required!
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The next image shows a dining room staging that was achieved by using a new dining room wooden table with more rustic chairs and area rug.

The addition of better lighting and accent pieces and adding more decorations with a mirror finished the transformation.


The master bedroom transformation below was the result of painting one wall a feature colour, adding modern and brighter lamps, changing the head board, bedding, and adding cushions. A few pieces of furniture were removed, and a few were added, along with curtains and accent pieces.


The Benefits and Tips for Home Staging in Vancouver

A few years ago, we worked with a couple who wanted to list their home with us and we suggested home staging. They interpreted our suggestion as a criticism for the way their home was decorated. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Decorating your home for your own personal taste is different than staging your home to sell It. ” The home seller, in this case, told us she wanted to stage it herself because she was “just as good as any stager.”

I’m a reasonable golfer, but I certainly wouldn’t play a professional golfer for money. Home staging is similar. The woman in question, who wasn’t a stager, thought she could do as good a job as a professional stager.

She staged her house herself, we listed it, and it sat on the market for two months. During that period, we had one showing in eight weeks.

After two months, the woman called us and said, ” I want to get going. I want to get the house sold. What do we need to do?”

We asked her, “Will you talk to our stager now?”

“Fine,” she replied. “I will talk to your stager”

She met with the stager, and they agreed on what they could do to get the home to show better.

Does Staging Really Help sell my house or Condo in Vancouver?

We took the house off the market to get it staged and took new professional photographs. Once we came back on the market, we held an open house on the first weekend. This house had no activity prior to being staged, and we had 30 or 40 groups through the open house on that first Saturday.

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While we were speaking to someone at the open house, we saw a gentleman walk in. He walked around the house for a bit, and by the time we could greet him, we couldn’t find him. We figured he had already left and didn’t have any interest in the home.

does staging really help sell my house or condo in vancouver?

About half an hour later, we saw the same man walking back with a female, whom we assumed to be his wife. They came in, said hello, and we told them to look around and come find us if they needed anything.

After they’d been there about 20 minutes, the woman approached us and said, “What have you done to this house?”

We were a little confused.

She explained she had been there a month ago— at the one showing we had—and didn’t think much of it. Then she added, “Now I quite like it!”

A Few Staging Tips can go a long way!

This woman didn’t even know why she didn’t like it before and liked it now. We said to her, “The difference is we’ve had the home professionally staged.”

She responded, “It looks fabulous!”

That woman put an offer in on the house and bought it; a house she wasn’t even interested in before it was staged.

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Once we staged this home, the photographs we took before and after were no comparison. The ads drawing people in off our website now had ipectacular images of the home. Those images brought the future buyer back into a house she didn’t like originally. So much so, that this time she bought the house!

If your realtor mentions home staging to you, take their advice and consider it. It can make all the difference in the world in getting your home sold for close to your asking price, when you might not have been able to get people to look before.

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