June 10, 2020

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How Many Mass Shootings Occur in Canada Compared to America?

How Many Mass Shootings Occur in Canada Compared to America?

Looking at US mass shootings and Canada mass shootings, it is clear that Canada has the lowest number of mass shootings of any nation in the world. In the USA, over one-third of all mass shootings are reported to have occurred in the state of California.

The fact that Canada has the lowest number of mass shootings in the world will surprise many Americans, but Canadians may not be surprised. For example, in a recent Angus Reid survey, Canadians were more likely to vote for a socialist candidate than a right-wing populist.

And perhaps the number one reason why Canada has fewer mass shootings is that we do not have an active military or very high taxes. It seems that Canadian voters are quite familiar with this fact. In fact, it is possible that we have the lowest taxation rate in the entire world. As for the military, we do not have the same magnitude of armed conflict and consequently have lower PTSD per capita.

So why do so many Americans think they are the best, as well as the smartest, people in the world? If you want to compare people from different nations, look at what their income tax rates are.

One reason why US citizens have lower tax rates is that they are actually running a trade deficit. So much money is leaving US to go to Canada, that they must pay Canadians to go there.

Of course, US is not the only country to run a trade deficit. But it is true that Canada’s trade with the USA is smaller than ours is with China.

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Perhaps if we had a smaller trade deficit with US, then we would be able to devote more of our resources to our own national defense. Canada has a lot less population than the USA.

How many times have we all heard the stories about how rich and how well-fed these people are living in the USA? It seems that some of them are now leaving their state to live in Canada.

Perhaps it is because Canadians don’t have to worry about being shot by someone who thinks he is part of the 1%. After all, most people that commit crimes do not actually come from poor neighborhoods.

What Canada offers us is better schools, jobs, higher pay, better health care, and less crime. If you are offended by this article, then that is just one more example of the inferiority complex that some Americans seem to possess.

It is also interesting to note that America does not even compare with Canada when it comes to public health care. While the average American pays about a third of his or her income on health care, the Canadian person pays a tenth of that amount.

There may be nothing to the statistics of the USA, but it certainly is true of Canada, where mass shootings occur so infrequently that there isn’t any television news coverage of them at all. I guess we will just have to wait and see what the future holds.


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