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Fundraiser and Essential Vancouver Real Estate Market Update

Dear Client, please RSVP by commenting below after you watch this very informative video. (At least I hope you will find it very informative) Check […]

The Vancouver Olympics – I reminisce that wonderful time…

Hey guys… just wanted to blog this about the vancouver Olympics… I know its over now… but I just wanted to share what it was […]

North Vancouver real estate – The outdoor capital of the world!

Love the outdoors? With a great city atmosphere, the City of North vancouver is encompassed  to the east, north, and west by the District with […]

Assessed value is not Market value!

Many purchasers are operating under the falsehood that a home’s purchase price needs to be just above its tax assessed value. In other words, they […]

False Creek condos in the heart of Vancouver

Found at about the heart of vancouver BC Canada is a truncated inlet known as False Creek. False Creek is the separation point between downtown […]

Vancouver Real Estate – We now OWN Google! Well…

Ok, maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but the truth is WE KNOW that 82% of buyers come from the internet. And… we plan to keep bringing those […]

Vancouver Real Estate Investment Outlook 2010 and beyond

Hey Folks! We have just attended the annual real estate Outlook 2010 with Ozzie Jurock. We heard many cautiously optimistic quotes ranging from Ozzie and […]

Vancouver Real Estate Market – Too Hot to Handle!

Hello all! Richard Morrison here. We just thought we would update you on our very hot vancouver real estate market. Did you know that the […]

Finding a Vancouver Home that fits your lifestyle – Vancouver real estate

In vancouver, when choosing the right home, it’s easy to be overcome by a beautiful setting or a unique architectural style, overlooking the practical details […]

Vancouver Market – Should you be investing? Yes! and NOW!

Yes, you should be investing in Vancouver Investment Property: “But Richard, why should I be buying real estate in vancouver right now? Isn’t it risky? […]