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Vancouver Real Estate Investing in this New Decade w/Richard Morrison

RSVP: reply to this email or call 604-767-3703

Hi [fname], have you RSVPd?:
Our Seminar is November 6, 2010. 3-5pm
at the RBC Boardroom Downtown Vancouver
666 Burrard, 25th floor.

Why are some Real Estate investors 100 times more successful than others?
Why do they always seem to be in the right place at the right time?

We will share with you WHAT and HOW to invest in the NEW DECADE…

Those who have already RSVP’d we have your spots reserved for you.

Those who have not, we only have a 9 seats left…

Top investors don’t have wings, nor are they more beautiful, taller or speak better English than others. They have no big dark secrets, no magic, and no special "in".

Top investors are neither better nor worse human beings than everybody else …
BUT, they have a different way of thinking.

They are ahead of the crowd. Our clients are AHEAD of the crowd! They have that different way of thinking which we instil in them. Come to our seminar even if it conflicts with that lazy Saturday afternoon nap! 

Spearhead your investments into this next exciting DECADE!

We will also have a wine and cheese party tailored exclusively for you.
The Richard Morrison and Team will present information regarding the current state of the markets.

Date: Saturday November 6th,
Time: 3:00 pm
Location: RBC Boardroom, 666 Burrard Street, 25th Floor
Duration: 90 Minutes

NonClient Exception: If you would like to attend and you are not our client you may provide a minimum $50 donation to charity: The Olinda Children’s Association:
(Tax receipts will be issued) 

RSVP NOW by replying to this email or email Richard Morrison at [email protected].

Professionals to help you succeed!

We are conducting this seminar in conjunction with some of the best industry professionals:

1) The Richard Morrison Real Estate Team 
2) The Royal Bank of Canada
Aimal Pamir will be s
peaking about the mortgage market and latest trends in interest rates.
3) Network with Savvy Investors
Get to know some of our investors and mingle your way into new ideas!
We have hosted such event only a few times and many of our clients rejoiced over our recommendations – many strongly profited from our advice.
Now again, we would like to share with you winning strategies to capitalize on the current market like:
1. How to turn the current market into powerful opportunities 
2. What to do if you are a seller
3. How to multiply your investment ideas 
4. How banks are aligning and how you should position yourself.

Hey, It’s also an appreciation day!
Let’s enjoy the party!


We love what we do and enjoy working closely with our clients, but especially when you are surrounded by successful investors, a fun atmosphere and wine & cheese all around!

We will have Appetizers and wine tailored exclusively for you. Hey, if wine is not your thing, there will also be beverages available in the boardroom!

It will be a fun & educational day
We will show you how to preserve your capital today and exploit investment opportunities in the coming months and you get to mingle with top investors in Vancouver.

There is a Limit and only existing clients may attend: limited seating so RSVP fast!
Please RSVP at your earliest convenience by replying to this email or email Richard Morrison at [email protected]
 NonClient Exception: If you would like to attend and you are not our client you may provide a minimum $50 donation to charity: The Olinda Children’s Association: (Tax receipts will be issued) 
We all look forward to seeing you again [fname]!
Kind Regards,
Richard Morrison & Team