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Why are 95% of Vancouver properties not selling? December 2012 update

We just wrote a piece that got picked up by CBS News Money Watch… In the piece we wrote on a recent study done by […]

Vancouver real estate Market 2012

The real estate market is a moving target at best! And, myths whirl though this industry like no other – especially when they are coming […]

Vancouver soccer team Whitecaps – will they survive?

Take a trip to Vancouver and one is sure to hear many speak about the local soccer team and for many fans of the local […]

Chinese investors still targeting Vancouver real estate

If you are of the thought that the Chinese had started losing interest in the real estate in Vancouver, then you should see what we […]

Buyer’s Market in Vancouver as Seller’s Advantage Wanes in 2012

Yes, there is a definite buyer’s market in Vancouver as seller’s advantage wanes in 2012, but that doesn’t mean buyers will know how to capitalize on […]

Vancouver’s real estate market to cool, not crash

“Vancouver’s real estate market to cool, not crash” is the latest forecast by various real estate experts that comes as good news to people who […]

Vancouver East Side real estate market in 2012

The year of 2012 has seen the rise of home buyers in the east side of Vancouver. Many home buyers are looking for affordable homes […]

Richmond real estate market in 2012

In 2012 February the home sales in Richmond increased as compared to the previous month’s sale by 52%. The listed houses, condos and apartments for […]

Burnaby Real Estate Market Supply 2012

Burnaby Real estate market took off in February, 2011 and held strong into the summer of that year. However, 2012 has seen much slower market […]

Selling Your Vancouver Home During the Summer Months

You’re definitely selling your house this summer. Maybe you have a new job in another city starting in the Fall. Whatever your situation, if you’re […]