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Burnaby North Homes For Sale

Search has 168 results in Burnaby North Homes For Sale. Average Price: $1,871,027, Highest Price: $3,880,000, Lower Price: $998,000, Medium Price: $2,439,000, Average Property Tax: $6,296, Average Square Foot: 3,096, Average Days On Market: 85, Average Year Built: 1981
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6757 Union Street, Burnaby

6757 UNION STREET, Burnaby North

1795 Blaine Avenue, Burnaby

1795 BLAINE AVENUE, Burnaby North

6641 Lochdale Street, Burnaby

6641 LOCHDALE STREET, Burnaby North

6937 Carnegie Street, Burnaby

6937 CARNEGIE STREET, Burnaby North

5150 Harbour View Road, Burnaby

5150 HARBOUR VIEW ROAD, Burnaby North

7256 Pandora Street, Burnaby

7256 PANDORA STREET, Burnaby North

7161 Ridgeview Drive, Burnaby

7161 RIDGEVIEW DRIVE, Burnaby North

4247 Kitchener Street, Burnaby

4247 KITCHENER STREET, Burnaby North

118 N Glynde Avenue, Burnaby

118 N GLYNDE AVENUE, Burnaby North

7185 Halifax Street, Burnaby

7185 HALIFAX STREET, Burnaby North

7056 Hillview Street, Burnaby

7056 HILLVIEW STREET, Burnaby North

3770 Phillips Avenue, Burnaby

3770 PHILLIPS AVENUE, Burnaby North

3860 Piper Avenue, Burnaby

3860 PIPER AVENUE, Burnaby North

4130 Trinity Street, Burnaby

4130 TRINITY STREET, Burnaby North

7284 Inlet Drive, Burnaby

7284 INLET DRIVE, Burnaby North

35 Holdom Avenue, Burnaby

35 HOLDOM AVENUE, Burnaby North

2669 Mountview Place, Burnaby

2669 MOUNTVIEW PLACE, Burnaby North

9808 Lyndhurst Street, Burnaby

9808 LYNDHURST STREET, Burnaby North

1370 Eastlawn Drive, Burnaby

1370 EASTLAWN DRIVE, Burnaby North

3801 Napier Street, Burnaby

3801 NAPIER STREET, Burnaby North

18 Holdom Avenue, Burnaby

18 HOLDOM AVENUE, Burnaby North

3786 Myrtle Street, Burnaby

3786 MYRTLE STREET, Burnaby North

4860 Empire Drive, Burnaby

4860 EMPIRE DRIVE, Burnaby North

6536 Carnegie Street, Burnaby

6536 CARNEGIE STREET, Burnaby North

65 Ellesmere Avenue, Burnaby

65 ELLESMERE AVENUE, Burnaby North

7287 Barnet Road, Burnaby

7287 BARNET ROAD, Burnaby North

1875 Cliff Avenue, Burnaby

1875 CLIFF AVENUE, Burnaby North

Search North Burnaby BC Real Estate for Sale

Our Real estate services can absolutely offer a wide range of benefits like fast sale and purchasing of Burnaby north homes in many different price ranges. You could get professional guidance on the best Burnaby north house that you could purchase and efficient information about Burnaby north houses. You’ll be able to make use of the online real estate MLS listings to choose from the properties available. Evaluate your choices and get a home that will fit your requirements. This article can help you know the major advantages of using our online services for your needs. Some of the popular searches amongst many are: solo district, station square, madison avenue, Royal oak avenue, Manchester drive, homes in North Burnaby, Wilson avenue, Irving street, Dawson street, Halifax street, university crescent, Dawson st, Beresford street, Douglas road, Gilmore avenue solo district and Burnaby bungalows. The Board of Greater Vancouver properties listed also differ with MLS property search and listings in North Burnaby ranging from property type: North Burnaby real estate and Burnaby British Columbia duplex and triplex. Popular amenities include Burnaby Hospital, Simon Fraser University and Deer lake.

Burnaby North Housing

With a significant number of North Burnaby homes for sale and featured listings, locating the perfect house in Burnaby with the features and attributes you are trying to find could be a breeze. You can also save searches of real estate listings below either from British Columbia real estate including Fraser Valley real estate board.

MLS Listings for Sale, North Burnaby

When choosing the right MLS listing in Burnaby, it’s easy to be overcome by a beautiful setting or a unique architectural style, overlooking the practical details of size, layout and functionality.

Before you begin your search, consider what you like and dislike about your current home. Then compile a list of all the characteristics you want in a home — both practical details and cosmetic features. These characteristics should reflect your current lifestyle as well as your plans for the future. We as Realtors will review your list and determine how best to help you meet your needs, given your price range and the current Burnaby market conditions.

Here are some points to consider when creating your house-hunting wish list: Eating areas and kitchen. First, think about the amount of time you spend in your kitchen and the workspace you will require. Is a separate dining room needed for entertaining, in addition to an eating nook? Light and exposure, Generally speaking, large south-facing windows produce lots of light in winter but can make your home very hot in summer. Consider which rooms you would like to receive the most light during the morning versus the afternoon.

Outdoor space. You may be enchanted by the idea of a garden, but think carefully about the amount of upkeep involved. Would a deck or patio be suitable?

Electricity and wiring. Will special wiring such as a high-speed data line for Internet access or a security system needs to be installed? Look around your current home and think about how many electrical sockets, cable and telephone outlets you use. Although these can be added after you move in, they can be expensive to install.

Renovations. If you’re considering buying a “fixer-upper,” think about how much work you are realistically capable of handling yourself, and how much disruption to your lifestyle you can put up with during the renovations. Get some cost and time estimates before making an offer. Remember, there’s a big difference between cosmetic renovations (such as changing flooring and cabinetry) and structural alterations (such as removing walls). Other things to investigate include the number of bedrooms required and available parking for you and your guests. Also, ensure that there is ample storage space for all your possessions.

Of course, there are many other factors to consider when choosing a Burnaby home — we can help you evaluate your needs further. By investing time and thought in choosing your property, you can find a home with the most functional fit for your lifestyle.

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