December 27, 2019

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Vancouver soccer team Whitecaps – will they survive?

Vancouver soccer team Whitecaps – will they survive?

Table of Contents

  • Team’s history
  • A Small team with a BIG heart
  • But will they Survive?
  • Talking about sports it reminded me of the Vancouver Olympics.
  • The Funnest Time ever

Take a trip to Vancouver and one is sure to hear many speak about the local soccer team and for many fans of the local team the worry about how the team is performing has brought about many doubts and the local dailies have not made the situation any easier with headings like Vancouver soccer team whitecaps- will they survive?

Team’s history

Despite their last year performance fans should not get disappointed or lose hope in their team’s performance because the team’s history since the early eighties has been rated as best for small teams in the leagues and they have always improved their performance in every given league they play in. This too should come as good news because the individual player’s performance has always been rated highly and has given the team a good reputation and respect amongst teams in the same league. As a Vancouver real estate agent that loves soccer & loves playing soccer, I can appreciate when I see a great player…

A Small team with a BIG heart

The desire to see your team win every match they play is immense but when this does not happen fans should still stay loyal by filling the benches at the soccer pitch and supporting their team despite the outcome. A team as small as Vancouver whitecaps with major strides in the league also needs the support of their fans to keep them going and improve their performance.
Vancouver soccer fans should understand that bigger teams did not get to the top just by acquiring good players instead having fans who believed in them contributed significantly to their success so the need to believe in one’s team is very vital for its performance. Local news has always been known to criticize how the team has been performing thus putting the fans loyalty to the test.

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But will they Survive?

Vancouver soccer team whitecaps-will they survive? Will be best answered by the fans’ actions and level of loyalty towards their team. The next season is under way now and we are actually 3rd on the western division!!

So why not purchase that ticket and go give your support? You have nothing to lose and that new stadium is simply GORGEOUS!!!

Talking about sports it reminded me of the Vancouver Olympics.

I know its over now… but I just wanted to share what it was like when it happened… The Vancouver 2010 Olympics demonstrated a city in total party mode for 16 days. Just to think that they put seven years of hard work into advancing for this major international event , and regardless of the tragedies and mistakes that surrounded the early days of the Games, Canada was able to fight and ultimately reign victorious when it won the gold medal in the final hockey game against the U.S. Our land won a total of 14 medals, the greatest number of golds to be won by a host country of the Olympics.

The Funnest Time ever

Downtown Vancouver was the site of various special activities, including live music shows, spectacular light displays, ziplining along Robson Street – where there apparently was a seven-hour wait – and night long parties all over. At night the main party strip, host of the liveliest nightlife in Vancouver, was full for hours on end. A number of houses/tents were erected to feature Canada’s provinces, as well as the various countries that participated in the Games. I went downtown on a few times during the course of the Games, but I have to say that the most enjoyable sight was following the Opening scenes.

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I’ll always recall walking down Granville Street at this wonderful time, and it made me joyful to see Canada, where the citizens are so patriotic. As I do business in Vancouver quite often I was dazzled by the fact that many people posted their Canadian flags up in their windows proudly showing their Country! Many of my showings included a wonderful sight of a Canadian flag! Wherever you went, you saw individuals dressed in Canada’s national colours of red and white, high-fiving literal strangers as they screamed and cheered and had a wonderful time. And nobody created any problems! Security officers were located every few feet, but there weren’t any fights to break up. At least I didn’t see any…

Such an incredible event in such a world-class city like this a city like this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Vancouverites were also very patriotic by putting Canadian flags all over the city and volunteering for the event as well. We hope you will appreciate this city if you are ever in Vancouver sometime, which will give you an idea of the craziness that took place downtown – both night and day.


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