December 27, 2019

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Selling your Vancouver house in the Winter months

Selling your Vancouver house in the Winter months

Table of Contents

  • 1. Keep your home thoroughly clean
  • 2. Warm your guests up
  • 3. Brighten & liven your home
  • 6. If you are selling a luxury condo downtown Vancouver, do this

Winter may be both a difficult satisfying time of season to market your vancouver house. It’s essential to take into account that cold, rainfall snowfall won’t retain serious prospective buyers away from your Vancouver property. Although your own home landscaping will not likely always display as nicely in the dark many months, cooler climate gives patrons an additional reason to stay longer in the course of a good open house . If you are on the market to sell your vancouver condo these tips will help you get the best by warming your guests into a home they always imagined.

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Here are a handful of techniques when selling your residence you can use to help make the most out of your winter selling:

1. Keep your home thoroughly clean

Let’s be honest. It will eventually rain this winter season in Vancouver and when you try to sell your home you need to be ready for the season. This is Vancouver, not surprisingly it will rain. If it’s pouring down rain during a showing, put a rubberized mat at the entrance door and a container to maintain wet umbrellas. In the event that it snows, ensure that you constantly shovel your walk ways always maintain a path open to your own road. Always keep a route open to your streets. Spread salt sand to maintain cleared areas free of ice

2. Warm your guests up

Give investors a reason to stay. Go shopping & prepare warm winter food or drinks that will require visitors to stop for just a moment make friends as opposed to eat-and-run appetizers such as biscuits or muffins. Starting from a pot of soup to warm chocolate brown ciders, this is an incredible strategy to guarantee families stay longer throughout your showings & open houses. Ensure that you keep a trash can for used dishes, mugs & utensils. If you live near Burnaby South or Burnaby North, there is a great little shop by Hastings and Boundary called  Giuseppe’s Bread and Deli.

3. Brighten & liven your home

Simply because it’s dimly lit outside doesn’t mean it ought to be dark inside the house too. Open your window blinds draw your current curtains to allow in the maximum amount of day light as you possibly can. You should definitely turn on almost every light in your property, including storage room lights & home appliance lamps. Turn off any Television monitors & Turn off any Television monitors computer screens.


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4. Thoroughly clean, extensively clean, spotlessly clean

Keeping on top of your home cleaning could possibly be the determining element between a sale & an added week on the market – every week it takes to sell brings more questions to home buyers, and you don’t want that, especially if its a difficult buyer’s market. Day-to-day chores should include: vacuum-cleaning; cleaning up storing restrooms; wiping house windows, surfaces, fixtures wall surfaces; sweeping wet mopping floors; clearing garbage recycle bins; dusting; organizing the refrigerator.

5. Look And Feel, Ambiance & Tunes

Folks who are buying homes are also purchasing a sensation or experience. Try setting your dining room table switching on your fireplace. Make sure you get yourself some relaxing tunes at a sensible volume level. Traditional & jazz music are excellent alternatives for the winter season months.


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6. If you are selling a luxury condo downtown Vancouver, do this

If you are serious about marketing your condo in the downtown Vancouver region ensure that you have a professional photographer. Often times, many images are sub par and this results in very poor presentation. When you have a professional image of your apartment, you will certainly receive a professional price, right? Don’t be scared to hire a professional photographer if needs be! Here is an example of what can be done:

An example photo of professionally marketed vancouver condo in Yaletown

Secondly, ensure that you have thoroughly mapped out the area so that buyers can see where they can fit their furniture. Nothing dispels a condo buyer more than when they can’t tell how much square feet they have to play with. It is extremely important, especially because luxury condo buyers snapping up penthouses in vancouver usually own expensive furniture they don’t want to part with! This is especially the case if you are selling a condo in the coal harbour area, where many condos take up the entire floor or divide only with one other family!

Example Floor plan of a Vancouver apartment

Example Floor plan of a Vancouver apartment

It is really important to have a floor plan that shows the buyer where and how they can place their furniture.

The last tips I have is to perhaps stage your luxury condo. A few companies in Vancouver will do this for you. Staging is priceless as it really shows how the condominium can look and feel. A 2 bedroom condo will appear much more natural to the eye if you can see how that second bedroom lines up with a queen sized bed. The master bedroom will also show well when you have a king size bed fit naturally. Also it will paint a picture in the eyes of the buyer how just how amazing their precious yaletown, coal harbour condo will fit into their lifestyle.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then staging is worth a few thousand dollars!

an example of staging a condo in vancouver downtown

An example of staging a condo in vancouver downtown

an example of staging a condo in yaletown

An example of staging a condo in yaletown

an example of staging a condo in coal harbour

An example of staging a condo in coal harbour

All together taking these tips into consideration, you can cross apply them to any property you sell. Home buyers will be much more adorned to your residence and make a substantial offer more so than otherwise.

If you are facing a tough vancouver real estate market, then applying these conditions will also improve your chances of selling. It is imperative that you make a cost benefit analysis as some of these options should only be made if you are certain you will get more benefit from what you spend at the end!

If you would like to speak to us, simply email or call! We are always here to lend a helping hand!


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