December 27, 2019

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Real estate market to cool, not crash

Real estate market to cool, not crash

Table of Contents

  • The good news
  • Sceptical Buyers
  • Marketing Trends in 2012

The good news

“Vancouver’s real estate market to cool, not crash” is the latest forecast by various real estate experts that comes as good news to people who dream of buying homes. Every Vancouver resident is aware of the changing price trends in the real estate market but with recent reports Vancouver residents have something to smile about.

Most real estate companies realized that many people are hesitant to buy homes due to the unpredictable costs but this is not over yet even with the reduced prices of buying homes most real estate agents still have hidden costs that they do not necessarily disclose to the clients thereby costing them more than the agreed price.

Sceptical Buyers

Many advertisements are now trying to convince clients that acquiring resale homes is cheaper and do not have extra charges, this might not be the case and is only making more buyers sceptical and hesitant to buy homes because some of the adverts are unrealistic and sound like marketing gimmick just out to deceive the public. Due to the rise in living cost people have become more careful on their spending and many people do a lot of research on market trends and the rates so as not to be deceived.

Marketing Trends in 2012

A finding like “Vancouver’s real estate to cool, not crash” is an eye-opener for many who were in the dark about how the marketing trends were, what to expect and who to trust and vice versa. Many Vancouver real estate companies are not happy but the real estate market is currently conducive for buyers and some areas are becoming cheaper and affordable. This comes as good news for many who have dreams of owning homes in Vancouver and for the economy it is a boost when more people have the financial ability to buy homes.

With more emerging news like these, many Vancouver residents will forget the trouble of being homeowners and start enjoying the slower pace of searching for homes, with more reasonable prices – after all, not everything goes up in a straight line forever…


Richard Morrison

My name is Richard Morrison and I aim to empower people to buy and sell real estate in the most effective way possible. I can service all of your Metro Vancouver real estate needs & beyond. I specialize in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Vancouver West, Richmond, Burnaby and other areas in the Lower Mainland BC Canada. You can be assured that whether buying or selling your home, I will get the job done. I offer a full compliment of real estate services with 15+ years of experience.

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