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South Vancouver Homes For Sale

Search has 77 results in South Vancouver Homes For Sale. Average Price: $1,733,536, Highest Price: $3,499,000, Lower Price: $998,888, Medium Price: $2,248,944, Average Property Tax: $5,364, Average Square Foot: 2,526, Average Days On Market: 85, Average Year Built: 1981
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6720 Inverness Street, Vancouver

6720 INVERNESS STREET, Vancouver East

6770 Sherbrooke Street, Vancouver

6770 SHERBROOKE STREET, Vancouver East

250 E 54th Avenue, Vancouver

250 E 54TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

7480 Main Street, Vancouver

7480 MAIN STREET, Vancouver East

454 E 54th Avenue, Vancouver

454 E 54TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

1090 E 57th Avenue, Vancouver

1090 E 57TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

615 E 63rd Avenue, Vancouver

615 E 63RD AVENUE, Vancouver East

325 E 57th Avenue, Vancouver

325 E 57TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

944 E 53rd Avenue, Vancouver

944 E 53RD AVENUE, Vancouver East

273 E 58th Avenue, Vancouver

273 E 58TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

1222 E 61st Avenue, Vancouver

1222 E 61ST AVENUE, Vancouver East

660 E 52nd Avenue, Vancouver

660 E 52ND AVENUE, Vancouver East

1017 E 57th Avenue, Vancouver

1017 E 57TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

773 E 59th Avenue, Vancouver

773 E 59TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

1012 E 58th Avenue, Vancouver

1012 E 58TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

759 E 51st Avenue, Vancouver

759 E 51ST AVENUE, Vancouver East

380 E 58th Avenue, Vancouver

380 E 58TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

350 E 61st Avenue, Vancouver

350 E 61ST AVENUE, Vancouver East

1379 E 62nd Avenue, Vancouver

1379 E 62ND AVENUE, Vancouver East

1237 Se Marine Drive, Vancouver

1237 SE MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver East

1083 E 57th Avenue, Vancouver

1083 E 57TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

737 E 54th Avenue, Vancouver

737 E 54TH AVENUE, Vancouver East

495 E 61st Avenue, Vancouver

495 E 61ST AVENUE, Vancouver East

575 E 61st Avenue, Vancouver

575 E 61ST AVENUE, Vancouver East

7183 Quebec Street, Vancouver

7183 QUEBEC STREET, Vancouver East

7506 Prince Edward Street, Vancouver

7506 PRINCE EDWARD STREET, Vancouver East

7320 Inverness Street, Vancouver

7320 INVERNESS STREET, Vancouver East

Welcome to our website. I see you are searching for South Vancouver Real Estate!

This is a very beautiful area and although not as luxurious as areas like Kitsilano, this area is indeed very centralized and serves a huge population in the lower mainland. There’s also a lot of students in this particular region of the lower mainland. The Vancouver school board for instance has over 110,000 students in elementary secondary and post-secondary schools. There are even some French immersion schools. Some of the properties In this area are very luxurious. It is very much appreciated in its form of art and architecture. Also, the land sizes are quite large because of the old heritage homes. In areas like South Cambie and the Shaughnessy, some of the most expensive luxuries is homes can be found here. Lot of recreation and sports as well. One such area is the Queen Elizabeth Park. But there are also many golf courses in the area and family clubs but one could definitely enjoy. There are just simply so much to see and do when you live in this area. The population demographics in the south Vancouver area are as follows population amount is 10,000. Electoral history is independent Liberal with 45% and conservatives at 40%. some of the other writings in this area or we distributed in 1928. The Granville and 49th zones are within south Vancouver and have a large Chinese population. Place of origin is that historically immigrants have come from Hong Kong in other parts of mainland China and hold citizenship in these areas. Some of the activities in the south Vancouver neighbourhood include adult programs, offsite programs S. Hill Neighbourhood Centre programs and others. Some of the events include little tree preschool sessions, the Timberwolves, and family drop-ins. There are many mansions in luxury real estate in this area. But there are also regular single family homes and Vancouver specials. There are many places to see here including the VanDusen botanical gardens, the Jewish Museum. There are many places to see here including the VanDusen botanical gardens, Jewish Museum, The Vancouver Holocaust education center. And parks like Fraser River. This neighbourhood is served by community centers in a big shopping mall. The local area and more for the South zone. Funky things like Little India in the southeast zone of the city will provide you with a really amazing and delicious southeast dishes. Overall you’ll really enjoy living in South Vancouver.
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