38023 FIFTH AVE, Squamish Real Estate for sale, MLS® R2769465

Downtown SQ Engel & Volkers Whistler R2769465

Beds: 4Bath: 1Built in 19301104 sqft

2 hours ago

Beds: 4Bath: 1Built in 19301104 sqft

GREAT LOCATION! Come see this lovely, well maintained home in Downtown...


MLS®: R2769465 Engel & Volkers Whistle...

2 hours ago

40891 THE CRESCENT, Squamish Houses for sale, MLS® R2764130

University Highlands Engel & Volkers Whistler R2764130

Beds: 5Baths: 5Built in 20114316 sqft

8 hours ago

Beds: 5Baths: 5Built in 20114316 sqft

University Heights Lifestyle!! This 5 bedroom + large office family home...


MLS®: R2764130 Engel & Volkers Whistle...

8 hours ago

1188 COPPER DR, Britannia Beach Real Estate for sale, MLS® R2735608

Britannia Beach Sotheby's International Realty Canada R2735608

21 hours ago

Incredible buildable acreage in Britannia Beach features unprecedented...


MLS®: R2735608 Sotheby's Internationa...

21 hours ago

101-39771 GOVERNMENT RD, Squamish Home for sale, MLS® R2773688

Northyards Engel & Volkers Whistler R2773688

Beds: 6Baths: 12Built in 20213084 sqft

21 hours ago

Beds: 6Baths: 12Built in 20213084 sqft

POSITIVE CASH-FLOW INCOME PROPERTY. An Opportunity to own these 6...


MLS®: R2773688 Engel & Volkers Whistle...

21 hours ago

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Average Property Tax: 7330.425, Average Square Foot: 2126, Average Days On Market: 201, Average Year Built: 1491.

The Squamish real estate market is booming! It’s no surprise that this incredible area of British Columbia has become a sought after destination for buyers. From outdoor enthusiasts to retirees, people are coming from all over the world to take advantage of what Squamish has to offer.

Squamish Real Estate

Whether you’re looking for an investment property or your forever home, there’s something here for everyone. Let’s dive into the ins and outs of Squamish Real Estate – we’ll explore why it’s so attractive and tell you how to get started on purchasing in the beautiful Sea-to-Sky Corridor.

No matter where you look in Squamish, stunning views abound. Mountains, rivers, forests and ocean combine with a vibrant local community to create an idyllic place to call home. The town itself offers plenty of amenities including shopping centers, cafes and restaurants as well as excellent schools and recreational facilities. With its close proximity to Vancouver and Whistler – both just under an hour away – it’s easy for residents here to enjoy big city life without sacrificing their connection with nature.

Investing in Squamish real estate can be incredibly rewarding; whether you’re looking at residential or commercial properties there are numerous opportunities available right now. Prices have been steadily increasing over the past few years due to high demand but savvy investors can still find great deals if they know where to look. In this article we’ll give readers insight into current trends in the area as well as provide helpful tips on making a successful purchase in one of BC’s most popular destinations.

Find Real Estate & MLS® Listings In Squamish

Are you considering buying real estate in Squamish? With its stunning mountain views, luxurious homes and the best neighbourhoods around, it’s no wonder why so many people are relocating to Squamish. There are plenty of Squamish MLS® listings available for buyers looking to find their dream home or invest in a piece of property. But before jumping into the process of finding real estate in Squamish, there are some important things to consider, including house prices and property taxes.

Real estate agents can help guide you through every step of your journey towards owning a new home in MLS Squamish. Since they know all the ins-and-outs of the local market conditions and trends, they can provide invaluable insights on how to navigate the complex world of buying real estate in Squamish. Plus, if you need more information about luxury homes and other properties available, they will be able to quickly search any MLS® listing within minutes!

MLS Squamish

Squamish Real Estate Market

The Squamish real estate market has been an attractive option for homebuyers and investors alike. Located in the heart of British Columbia’s Sea-to-Sky Corridor, Squamish boasts a stunning natural landscape that continues to draw people from all over the world. In recent years, this area has seen significant growth in its housing market with increased demand for homes, condos and townhouses.

Trends show that property prices are on the rise, with luxury properties commanding high prices due to their scenic views and modern amenities. The rental market is also strong – vacancy rates remain low as more families move into the area or choose to stay longer term than before. Potential homeowners should keep an eye out for investment opportunities such as multi-family units or commercial buildings which may offer higher returns down the line.

Squamish offers a variety of neighborhoods ranging from family-friendly communities close to parks and schools to downtown areas near restaurants and nightlife hotspots. Experienced local Realtors can help guide buyers through house hunting process and provide insight into what each neighborhood has to offer so they can make informed decisions about where they want to live. With its competitive market and breathtaking scenery, it’s no wonder why Squamish remains one of BC’s most desirable places to call home!


Squamish is fast becoming a popular destination for real estate investors, and it’s no surprise when you look at the neighbourhoods around town. From Brackendale to Quest University, Downtown Squamish to Garibaldi Estates, there are many communities that offer something unique in terms of housing options.

Dentville has charming historic homes, while Britannia Beach boasts stunning views of Howe Sound. Sunshine Valley offers an escape from the bustle of city life, and Garibaldi Highlands provides easy access to outdoor activities like skiing and mountain biking. Brohm Ridge is home to some of Squamish’s most iconic mountain peaks, while Cheakamus Crossing has become increasingly popular with nature-lovers due to its proximity to trails and parks.

    • Dentville: Charming historic homes

    • Britannia Beach: Stunning views of Howe Sound

    • Sunshine Valley: Escape from the bustle of city life

    • Garibaldi Highlands: Easy access to outdoor activities like skiing and mountain biking

    • Brohm Ridge: Home to some of Squamish’s most iconic mountain peaks

    • Cheakamus Crossing: Increasingly popular with nature-lovers due to its proximity to trails and parks.

No matter your style or budget, Squamish has plenty of great neighbourhoods to explore. With so much variety on offer, it’s easy to understand why this coastal community is drawing more attention than ever before!

Nearby Cities

Squamish is situated in the Sea to Sky Corridor, which connects Vancouver and Whistler. As a result of its location, Squamish has access to some of British Columbia’s most desirable cities for real estate investment. The nearby cities that surround Squamish offer great opportunities for investors looking for properties with attractive returns on their investments:

    1. Whistler – Just 45 minutes away from Squamish lies one of Canada’s premier mountain resort towns. With an increasing demand for luxury homes and ski chalets, Whistler real estate provides excellent prospects for investors who are willing to take advantage of this up-and-coming market.
    2. Vancouver – One of North America’s hottest real estate markets is just an hour’s drive southeast of Squamish. Whether you are interested in buying property downtown or investing in suburban areas such as North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta, Coquitlam or Langley – there are plenty of options available when it comes to Vancouver real estate.
    3. Sea To Sky Region – Investing in the Sea to Sky region offers buyers incredible views and easy access to outdoor activities year round – be it skiing at Whistler Blackcomb during winter months or diving into cool waters along the Howe Sound Fjord during summertime. It also offers potential buyers lots of variety when it comes to choosing between residential neighbourhoods and rural communities around Squamish and Pemberton Valley area.

Overall, the Sea to Sky Corridor boasts some wonderful cities where potential homebuyers can find exactly what they need in terms of amenities, convenience and style – all within close proximity from each other! So whether you want a city apartment or a rural retreat – make sure to explore your options carefully before making your move into the local real estate market!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Sale Price Of A Home In Squamish?

When it comes to buying or selling a home, the average sale price is an important factor to consider. Home prices in Squamish can vary significantly depending on location and other factors, making understanding the market vital for real estate decisions. To get a better idea of what you should expect when looking at homes in Squamish, let’s take a look at the current housing trends.

    • The data shows that the average sale price of property in Squamish has been steadily increasing over time. In 2023 alone, there was an 2% increase compared with 2022 figures.

    • This upward trend suggests strong growth in both demand and pricing within the local real estate market.

    • While some properties may cost more than others, overall buyers will likely find good value for their money when investing in Squamish property: a testament to the dynamism of the region’s real estate industry.

In addition to this positive trend, there are also many advantages to living in Squamish beyond just its attractive housing costs. With access to outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking nearby, plus excellent schools and a thriving economy, it’s no wonder why so many people choose this area as their new hometown! Ultimately, when considering all these factors together, it appears that purchasing a home here could be a wise investment for potential homeowners.

Are There Any Upcoming Real Estate Developments In Squamish?

Are there any upcoming real estate developments in Squamish? This is a question many people interested in the area are asking. The answer is yes – several new projects are being planned to bring more luxury condos and townhomes to the city of Squamish.

    • The current trend shows that prices for both residential and commercial real estate have been on an upward trajectory in recent years, so it’s no surprise that developers are taking advantage of this trend by investing their money into these new projects.

    • Many of these properties will be located near the heart of downtown Squamish, making them ideal places to live or work.

    • These developments offer potential buyers great opportunities to purchase property at competitive prices while still enjoying all the amenities that come with living or working in such a vibrant location.

    • As such, developers can capitalize on this growing trend and reap the rewards of profitable investments.

For those looking for something even more luxurious, some of the high-end condo complexes being built feature top-of-the-line appliances, modern design elements, and breathtaking views. There’s no doubt that these types of developments can add value to any homebuyer’s portfolio as well as increasing the overall appeal of the area. With so much development happening in Squamish right now, it’s clear that there is plenty of opportunity for those looking to get involved in this booming real estate market.

What Is The Average Rental Rate For A Home In Squamish?

Are you looking to rent a home in Squamish? Knowing the average rental rate for homes in the area is essential for budgeting your living expenses. The city of Squamish has recently seen an influx of buyers and renters, making it important to understand what affects housing costs and rental rates in this region. This article will look into the current rental market in Squamish and provide insight into the average rental rate for a home.

The cost of renting or buying a home largely depends on location, so understanding which areas are more affordable can be helpful when searching for a place to live. To gain perspective on the rental market of Squamish, it’s important to consider factors that influence housing costs such as demand, supply and availability. According to recent data from local real estate experts, as of 2023 the median monthly rent price for homes in Squamish ranges between $2,100 – $2,900 per month depending on size and condition of property.

Despite some fluctuations over time due to changes in population growth or other economic variables, overall rentals remain relatively stable with no drastic hikes or drops in prices reported thus far. In addition to researching potential properties online, reaching out to local agents who specialize in the area can help give further clarity about squamish rental rates and related details like parking fees or extra amenities offered at certain buildings. Taking all these elements into consideration before signing a lease agreement will ensure you’re getting an accurate picture of what kind of expenses come with finding an ideal home within your budget range.

Are There Any Incentives For Buyers In Squamish?

Are there any incentives for buyers in Squamish? When it comes to buying a home, many potential buyers are looking for all the possible ways to save money. Luckily, there are plenty of buyer incentives available if you’re considering purchasing a property in Squamish.

These incentives can come from both the government and private real estate companies. Government incentives may include tax credits or rebates, while private real estate companies will offer their own deals on specific homes or properties such as discounts or special offers. Here’s an overview of some of the buyer incentives available:

    • Government Buyer Incentives:

    • Tax Credits/Rebates: Many governments offer tax credits or rebates when purchasing a property. This could be anything from reducing your taxable income to getting cash back at closing time.

    • Mortgage Assistance Programs: Some governments also provide assistance programs that help with mortgage payments by offering low-interest rates and loan forgiveness opportunities.

    • Private Real Estate Company Buyer Incentives:

    • Discounts/Special Offers: Companies often have specials going on such as seasonal sales or discounted prices for certain properties. They may even give out bonus gifts like appliances or furniture accessories when you purchase a home through them.

    • Buyer Rebates/Cash Back Rewards: Additionally, some companies offer rewards programs where buyers can earn points towards things like free upgrades on their new house or cash back rewards after closing day.

For those looking to buy a home in Squamish, knowing what kind of buyer incentives exist is essential. Taking advantage of these opportunities should be considered carefully before making a final decision on the perfect place to call home!

Are There Any Restrictions On Foreign Buyers Purchasing Real Estate In Squamish?

Are there any restrictions on foreign buyers purchasing real estate in Squamish? This is a question that many investors are asking as they look to capitalize on the growing property market in this popular Canadian city. With the current regulations and laws affecting foreign buyers, it’s important to understand what limitations may exist for those looking to invest in Squamish.

The provincial government of British Columbia has put into place several restrictions regarding foreign buyers of real estate. These include taxes relating to residential properties purchased by non-residents, as well as limits on how much land can be owned by foreign entities or individuals. As such, potential purchasers should research these rules before making an offer on a property in Squamish. It’s also wise to consult with legal experts who specialize in international investing and local real estate laws prior to committing to any purchase agreement.

Investors interested in buying real estate in Squamish must take the time to familiarize themselves with the applicable regulations and laws that govern their particular transaction. Doing so will provide them with peace of mind knowing that their purchase process was conducted fairly, legally and within all relevant guidelines set out by the province of BC. By understanding these restrictions upfront, investors can protect their interests when investing in Squamish real estate and ensure that their investments remain safe and profitable over time.

Why we love it here

Overall, Squamish is a great place to invest in real estate. The average sale price of a home has been steadily increasing over the last few years and there are some exciting new developments coming up in the near future. Renters looking for homes can expect to pay an average rate that is still relatively affordable compared to other nearby cities. Buyers can take advantage of various incentives like lower property transfer tax rates as well as welcome programs for immigrants purchasing their first house. Finally, foreign buyers should be aware that restrictions have recently been put into effect limiting how much they can purchase in order to protect locals from being priced out of their own market. All in all, it’s clear why Squamish continues to remain an attractive option for those looking to buy or rent real estate!


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