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Spectacular lots and bear land, and acreages like those in the lower mainland do not come along often!

These properties have their own charm, and sometimes the most spectacular water views.
You can build your own dream home and or family estate, with relaxing valleys, because he bowls, decks, and a world to choose from. Some of these bare land parcels are near the golf Islands, and have reviews including bone Island and the inlet.

Depending on how lucky you get, you can have even up to 100 feet of beach frontage.

Some of the building lots are perfectly level, while others will come on a mountainside so building expertise is required. Imagine you can build hobby farms forest and play areas for kids to play around, or incredible retreats in these areas. There are many building sites to have your own choice. The one advantage you have when you buy one of these is that you have a blank canvas, and you can go and find inspiration to choose whatever you like to do.

If you’ve been searching for something completely unique well here you have it.

Build a Cottage or waterfront home. Get a little nearest ski slope in the area, or simply an area near trails so you can take your entire family hiking on the weekends.

What does Land Value mean?

Buying a home that is only of land value is a price that you’re only paying for the land. You’re not buying any of the improvements or the house because they may be in poor condition. These types of transactions need to be taken care of by a professional.

Why would a property be sold for lot value only?

When this occurs the existing house on the property cannot be any longer occupied. Most of the times these houses need to be completely demolished. As such you’re not paying for the actual home you’re only paying for the lot.

Somethings to consider:

1. Make sure there are no liens on the property.
2. Are there any slopes or trees on the property?
3. Beware of demolition and disposal costs.
4. Make sure the zoning is the one that you need to build what you want to build.
5. Make sure that the city is friendly with Permit Approvals.
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