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6618 Humphries Avenue, Burnaby

6618 HUMPHRIES AVENUE, Burnaby South

4880 The Dale, West Vancouver

4880 THE DALE, West Vancouver

112 Monte Vista Court, North Vancouver

112 MONTE VISTA COURT, North Vancouver

636 Vaucroft Road, No City Value

636 VAUCROFT ROAD, Islands-Van. & Gulf

208 3665 244 Street, Langley

208 3665 244 STREET, Langley

721 Fifth Street, New Westminster

721 FIFTH STREET, New Westminster

1630 Depot Road, Squamish

1630 DEPOT ROAD, Squamish

1016 Belmont Avenue, North Vancouver

1016 BELMONT AVENUE, North Vancouver

64071 Flood Hope Road, Hope


6959 Marine Drive, West Vancouver

6959 MARINE DRIVE, West Vancouver

5711 Rowling Place, Richmond

5711 ROWLING PLACE, Richmond

20611 28 Avenue, Langley

20611 28 AVENUE, Langley

We are the largest city and one of the largest provinces in Canada. Our neighbourhoods are distinct beautiful luscious and exciting.

Our real estate market offers are unique flavour.

In Kitsilano neighbourhood for example, where exciting beaches summer destinations and a bustling condo market that no other area in Canada can touch. The city offers a great international vibe with a mixture of eclectic restaurants, a true melting pot of culture, incredible shops, beautiful artwork.

Vancouver is an incredible destination for film production and hundreds of thousands of movies and TV series have been filmed around British Columbia. Some movies include X-Men, The twilight zone, the Marvel series, the Titanic, the accused, and many others. If you are in search of Hollywood North well what you have found it!

There is an incredible number of visitors that have come since the winter Olympic games which have attracted an incredible worldwide population. We also have incredible diversity in our population.

Our listings include condominiums, townhomes, single-family dwellings, and penthouses. You will also find the occasional land for sale. We have incredible ocean front in oceanview homes and islands for sale. Yes, islands! It is an incredibly diverse real estate market and provides strong options and choices for anyone moving here from anywhere in the world! We truly have a wide selection for you to choose from. Finding a property for sale is an easy process with us. The areas surrounding our strong options and leave you gasping for choices. This is why it’s important for you to choose a good professional real estate agent that can help you with your exploration and ensure that your interests in lifestyle are well attended to. May I help you buy an ocean view property?

There are many up-and-coming areas is in the market and are showing Signs of great development. The population in BC is booming! There are many transitional neighbourhoods as well such as Whalley in Surrey. These are climbing up from being neglected in the past years and have become extremely popular with young families in those looking to find a more affordable neighbourhood to call home.

The Vancouver international airport has a strong infrastructure that makes this area completely accessible to the entire world. Or strong ties with the USA and film industry in the Silicon Valley makes us incredibly strong economically

These listings are as varied and as unique as Their buyers. And that includes you! There is now an unusually high number of new buyers under the age of 26, and young professionals that are coming in and putting up a strong front to become the new bourgeoisie.

Our market is now going into an excellent opportunity for those seeking to invest and call this place home.

Oceanfront homes, nor shore mountain views, spectacular nature calls you!

British Columbia is simply the best economic province in Canada. I mean we have potage, oil, natural gas, the largest project in Canada with $40 billion of infrastructure in northern BC, and many other things.

I mean just look at the situation where we are located. We have ports to export all of these resources to Asia and South America and Europe!

And did I mention the rule of law? We have incredible citizens that abide by the law and follow it. Compare this to states like Venezuela and other oil countries that are not so well governed and make it hard to conduct business.

We also have a booming Tech Sector called Silicon Valley north That is bringing companies like Amazon and Alibaba on board. Many new jobs and not in word migration are causing a boom in the real estate prices in this province.

This is going to continue to happen especially given that we have a lower currency than the American dollar and many other factors that make this place and an incredible place for businesses to invest. And they are coming!

This is truly an incredible opportunity for you to come invest of you haven’t yet done so. Don’t delay and get into your own piece of property!

Step up to plate and let’s get started!

Picture yourself doing a hike on the weekend, with cool mountain air entering your lungs, the sounds of water creeks in the backdrop, the cleanest air in the world, and the most temperate weather one can find. You’re home. This is BC. This is Beautiful British Columbia. There are far and few places around the world that can trully make this your most enjoyable lifetime. You have thought about it for many years and now is the time to make a move. Call us and ensure that you have the best agents representing you in your purchase.

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