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35891 Graystone Drive, Abbotsford

35891 GRAYSTONE DRIVE, Abbotsford

35591 Kahana Place, Abbotsford

35591 KAHANA PLACE, Abbotsford

703 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford

703 CLEARBROOK ROAD, Abbotsford

34409 Laburnum Avenue, Abbotsford

34409 LABURNUM AVENUE, Abbotsford

34824 2nd Avenue, Abbotsford

34824 2ND AVENUE, Abbotsford

3661 Latimer Street, Abbotsford

3661 LATIMER STREET, Abbotsford

3698 Argyll Street, Abbotsford

3698 ARGYLL STREET, Abbotsford

2590 Springhill Street, Abbotsford

2590 SPRINGHILL STREET, Abbotsford

32591 Bevan Avenue, Abbotsford

32591 BEVAN AVENUE, Abbotsford

31497 Spur Avenue, Abbotsford

31497 SPUR AVENUE, Abbotsford

1283 Gladwin Road, Abbotsford

1283 GLADWIN ROAD, Abbotsford

34866 Orchard Drive, Abbotsford

34866 ORCHARD DRIVE, Abbotsford

28535 Mctavish Road, Abbotsford

28535 MCTAVISH ROAD, Abbotsford

33010 Malahat Place, Abbotsford

33010 MALAHAT PLACE, Abbotsford

2884 Station Road, Abbotsford

2884 STATION ROAD, Abbotsford

33407 Babich Place, Abbotsford

33407 BABICH PLACE, Abbotsford

2316 Mountain Drive, Abbotsford

2316 MOUNTAIN DRIVE, Abbotsford

4401 Stephen Leacock Drive, Abbotsford


2028 Oakridge Crescent, Abbotsford

2028 OAKRIDGE CRESCENT, Abbotsford

2873 Century Crescent, Abbotsford

2873 CENTURY CRESCENT, Abbotsford

34614 4th Avenue, Abbotsford

34614 4TH AVENUE, Abbotsford

34560 Merlin Drive, Abbotsford

34560 MERLIN DRIVE, Abbotsford

2786 Montana Street, Abbotsford

2786 MONTANA STREET, Abbotsford

2819 Babich Street, Abbotsford

2819 BABICH STREET, Abbotsford

32664 Hacienda Place, Abbotsford

32664 HACIENDA PLACE, Abbotsford

4 35209 Delair Road, Abbotsford

4 35209 DELAIR ROAD, Abbotsford

2104 Kodiak Court, Abbotsford

2104 KODIAK COURT, Abbotsford

Abbotsford real estate and houses

Abbotsford began in 1858 when engineers from the Royal area we’re looking for gold. In the 1800s this little town was producing dairy, home butter, and cigarettes.

If you are actually stuck reading this I’m sorry I somehow roped you here. Scroll to see some actual houses in Abbotsford that you may want to buy. But if you trully want to know a little history on the area and my personal biases toward Abbotsford, then let’s get on with it!

Abbotsford has the most unique and disbursed populations in all of Canada. It has currently the biggest European population including Caucasians making up over 74%. People like the Dutch the British Irish German and Scandinavian to make up a large part of this area. We also got a huge southeast Asian population around 20% coming from Pakistan Sri Lanka and India.
The weather in Abbotsford is a lot cooler than the rest of the lower mainland with much warmer summers and much stronger winters. I remember when I first moved in here there was a ton of snow up to our roofs. I also remember Making my first snow… Man, it wasn’t even snowing in Vancouver and we were getting dumped on.

I recall the population being a lot older too, around 40 or older. A lot of people there have more than two children – I don’t know how they do it. Loooong winters and cold weather and fields to be worked could be the right brew for making more babies. They certainly have more babies than the national average.

Although there are long winters the weather in Abbotsford is actually pretty comfortable all around the year. There’s just enough rain in there for you to think that you’re in the Mediterranean on a warm summer day – during the summers that is. Then in the winter you feel like you’re in a soggy armpit like to rest of Vancouver.

The city is like a gigantic farmland. If that’s what you’re into then it’s a perfect place. The city is known as the Barry capital of Canada, and home to the tulip festival is in the summertime. Very pretty for pictures and posting on your Instagram. Other than that I would stay away from this place, not because I think it’s a bad area. Just because I am a city boy.

There are four areas in this town very creative indeed they are called 1. Central Abbotsford, 2. East Abbotsford, 3. West Abbotsford, and just to throw you for a loop: 4. University District. The commercial activities happen mostly in the central part. But he’s part is pretty much all farm. There are some houses and some views but most of it is just a bunch of farm. In the west, there’s a mixture of houses and some commercial buildings. While in the university district it’s pretty much where the University of the Fraser Valley is located. I bet you didn’t see that coming.

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