December 27, 2019

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How To Improve Your Kitchen Without A Huge Cost?

How To Improve Your Kitchen Without A Huge Cost?

Table of Contents

  • How to improve your kitchen without a huge cost
  • Painting worn out wood made cupboards
  • Accessorize your Kitchen
  • Resurface your Cupboards
  • Replace your Handles
  • Improve your Drapes/Window Covers
  • More Tips
    • Painting.
    • Your Vancouver home Flooring and artwork.
    • Electronic appliances.
    • Make Cabinets Look Grand
    • Kitchen Taps.
    • Lighting

Let’s face it: Your kitchen is probably the most important place in your Vancouver house. Here you not only prepare your food, spend most of your time eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, but nowadays, you also entertain there, and quite often end up spending most of your social time there as well!

How to improve your kitchen without a huge cost

For this reason, we have to think of good ideas to update your home to enhance the way it appears before you sell it. The question then becomes: How to improve your kitchen without a huge cost? The major common difficulty is the spending budget.

Can we really update your Vancouver home kitchen area without having to spend a lot?

Below are some factors that may improve your kitchen look without having to spend a lot:

Painting worn out wood made cupboards

1) Nothing enhances the appearance of a kitchen far more than painting worn out wood made cupboards. In case your kitchen area is dark and also your cupboards old-fashioned, all you need to try to bring them back to normal is clear away the equipment, paint the doorways and box, and set up new, modified equipment. Select a light shade to embellish within the room. We are on our way to a better home.

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Accessorize your Kitchen

2) Accessories – There numerous types of kitchen accessories you may use to make an awesome kitchen to a good kitchen with photos, flowers, different bath towels, rugs also a dish of fresh fruit. In case you glassy screen cabinets, place attractive coloured items offer an ideal impact.

Resurface your Cupboards

3) Cupboard Re-facing – To move another action from re-finishing your cupboards, you might have them refaced. This can definitely cost extra but still is less than a new your kitchen.

Replace your Handles

4) Door pulls and Handles – In case you are not modifying the look of your cupboards you may still create a minor change by upgrading the styles of handles to an extra modern look.

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Improve your Drapes/Window Covers

5) Draperies – kitchen draperies are often very affordable easy to fit. Drapes might be a great place to begin when choosing colour schemes through the walls to cupboards and accessories.

More Tips

There are many factors you can do for your kitchen, and without having to spend lots. It is important is that you have a plan.
You must also provide the time to find affordable materials because Vancouver real estate materials are quite expensive.

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When the thought of getting into your own kitchen scares you, then know that it is time that kitchen had a makeover. Many people think that this activity is not possible due to limited funds but the good news is that with a positive attitude, some creativity and some sweating, one could easily redo his/her kitchen with as little as $1000 or even less, even in Vancouver!.

How to improve your kitchen without a huge cost? It is rather clear that most of the work will be done on your own or you could enlist the help of your family members! For designer kitchen, this is especially important as we are coming near a buyer’s market and kitchen renos really help improve the marketability of your home.

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The best way to start is by putting a fresh coat of paint. Never be afraid in choosing a colour that is bold, bright and colourful shades of paint will bring new life to your kitchen. Depending on the size of the kitchen, one could use $100 or less in buying the paint and the painting supplies. For the finishing, a semi-gloss coat is much preferred as it is more resistant to peeling and cracking. To further enhance the change of colour, one could also put on new and bright curtains on the windows.

Your Vancouver home Flooring and artwork.

Add style and colour to your kitchen through pieces of artwork. Hang paintings, or even use a stretched fabric to style up your kitchen walls. Tile your floor with linoleum as it is much more durable. Look into the tile stores to check on the different cheaper options they have. The good thing is you can redo your kitchen floors o your own.

Electronic appliances.

New appliances such as the blender, fridge, the dishwasher will improve on the efficiency in the kitchen and also give the kitchen a sophisticated look. There are stores that sell these appliances at affordable prices.

Make Cabinets Look Grand

Sand them and re-stain them. The stain is quite cheap depending on the brand while the sandpaper and the hand sander usually sell at $20. One could also replace the handles o the cabinets if funds allow him to. There are good stainless steel handles for the cabinet that one could get in the market at low prices.

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Kitchen Taps.

Change your old and boring kitchen faucet with something new and exciting and in addition to that change the look of your stainless steel sink with great porcelain or an acrylic unit.


Changing the lighting in your kitchen is sure to give it a totally different look. Hire a good electrician to fix cabinet lights, and install other lights that you desire. Consult with the electrician on the amount of time needed to install new lights.

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Other methods of improving the kitchen in your home are moulding, adding a backsplash to your countertops and covering the old countertops with a veneer that is reasonable.

So, it is quite possible to have a totally new look kitchen without losing sleep over the funds, you just need to be knowledgeable about How to improve your kitchen without a huge cost. Remember, it all starts with sincere determination to have a better-looking kitchen.

There are numerous options in the marketplace; you need to simply take some time discovering them!

For more tips feel free to contact me at 604-767-3703. I am always full of handy ideas!


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