Five Online Platforms for Architecture Courses in 2020

Are you interested in learning about architecture online? If you are like me you may be interested in exploring new ideas, picking up skills, or deepening your understanding of a specific topic, joining online courses can be a great idea… I know I am always learning new things – and it helps me with my real estate business!

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There are many free and paid online courses that can prepare you for a career in architecture. Here, we have listed six top online platforms where you can take courses right now. 

Online Courses for Architecture Students in 2020

  1. Free architecture courses from top institutions around the world (EdX)

EdX is a platform that gives you access to a series of online courses from top international academic institutions. If you are thirsty for knowledge about concepts like architecture history, urban planning, and architectural design, the courses offered by EdX can benefit you.

The courses will also prepare you for your exams and relevant project work. You can expect to learn about 3D modeling, sustainable building, zero energy design, responsive cities, and other trending topics in architecture.

  1. Architectural design courses (Udemy)

The courses provided by Udemy are great for kick-starting a career in architecture and honing your skills. It is suitable for students, as Udemy offers you the choice to learn the foundational definitions, topics, and relevant challenges. 

The complete AutoCAD 2018-21, 3D visualization for beginners: Interior scene with 3DS MAX, Fundamentals of garden design, 3D house design mastery in blender: Graphics & design are some of the trending courses.

  1. Architecture programs (MIT Open Courseware)

MIT Open Courseware is for undergraduate and graduate-level students. The programs offered are varied by one of the oldest architecture departments in the US.

Within this platform, there are courses like architectural design, urban design, immaterial limits, visual arts, geometric disciplines, environmental technologies in buildings, Cuba studio, and more. 

  1. Free Architecture Courses (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

The courses offered by Lynda are great for picking up skills that can be used while designing houses and buildings.

The tutorials offered by the program are divided into three levels, namely: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

You will also be learning to work with different tools. Drafting, modeling, and rendering are some of the valuable skills that you can learn.

Some of the course options are algorithmic design with Grasshopper, essential training, SketchUp for architecture, AutoCAD 2020, and Revit. 

To allow students to learn the skills without taking much time, the lessons are brief.

  1. Roman Architecture by Yale University (Coursera)

Architecture has the power to shape politics, society, and culture. And it gives you the opportunity to travel abroad. Sounds like your cup of tea? Then, the Roman Architecture course is for you.

You can start the classes immediately and explore the history of Roman architecture, designs, vision, and more in detail. Visuals will help you better grasp what is being taught. The program is divided into nine comprehensive units. Be prepared to learn about an array of Roman buildings, the foundation of Rome, and the start of urbanism in Italy. You will also come to know about the use of technology and revolution in Roman architecture.

Winding Up

So, there you have it. The top six best online courses for architecture studies that you can take up in 2020. 

Though you can’t fully become a registered architect just by enrolling in online courses, you have nothing to lose by joining one.

Online architecture courses will help you to pick many skills and equip you with knowledge that you might not get when you sit to learn in your brick and mortar classes.

Take advantage of what these online courses have to offer you. 

Author Bio:

Richa Parmar is an architect and passionate in the field of designing & creativity. Her inclination towards nature has made her take up a lot of challenging assignments in the subject of “landscape” and also has made her initiate to write blogs. Presently she works as a Senior Manager Architect Blogger at GharPedia portal. You can reach her at LinkedIn.


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