Cleaning Your New Home: 8 Tips to Make Your Place Spotless

The process of moving to a new home is exciting but includes a lot of work. It’s an arduous process, and it takes up a lot of your time, money, and energy.

cleaning your new home

But once you start moving into your new home, you’re going to be free of the hassle.

Before you settle into your new home, though, the first step you should do shouldn’t be to start unpacking everything. The first step should be to make your new home spotless.

Here are eight tips that you might find useful when you’re cleaning your new home:

Stock Up on Supplies

Before you start the regular cleaning session of your new house, you have to ensure that you have the right cleaning supplies.

You also need to check whether you have enough supplies to get you through the entire house. Otherwise, you might start cleaning your home and are only able to finish halfway through.

Even if you don’t plan on cleaning your home thoroughly, it doesn’t mean that the cleaning equipment and supplies you need to reduce.

Keeping a cleaning supplies checklist will make it easier for you to check them once it’s time to start cleaning parts of your home.

Clear the Space

According to Planet Maids Maid Service NYC, “you can’t clean your place without clearing it first. Removing clutter is different from washing it, but it’s a part of the cleaning process. It’s going to be burdensome if you have all this clutter around your home.”

Thus, make sure that you put places back where they belong. You should pick up the smaller pieces of garbage around your home and throw them away.

Use this time to organize your items and create a system for storing your items. Having proper storage or containers will help you clear your space faster.

Plus, if you have a plan in place already, it will be a lot easier to clear space up in the future when you need to.

Clean From Top to Bottom

When you’re cleaning your home and any room, you have to start from the top to the bottom. For example, from a more macro perspective, make sure that you start cleaning the higher floors first, before the lower floors.

You have to clean starting from the ceilings and the shelves’ tops.

The reason is that if you start cleaning the lower floors first, you might track and bring the dirt upstairs back downstairs. The same applies to why you need to clean your ceilings first.

If you dust your top and bookshelves last, you will have the dust and dirt land on your already clean floors.

Don’t make it harder for you to clean your home by having an efficient system in place already.

Dust-Off the Blinds

If you have a new home, make sure that you don’t neglect the blinds’ cleanliness around your house.

Some homes have blinds not only on the windows but also on the doors. So make sure that you don’t forget to dust and clean those parts.

Dust and dirt can quickly accumulate in the blinds, which is why cleaning them are essential.

Depending on how much dust and cobwebs have accumulated, your cleaning method will differ. If there’s a lot, you have to use blind-cleaning brushes and some form of disinfectant, like white vinegar with water in a spray bottle and clean.

But if there isn’t that much dust and cobwebs, you can get a moist towel and pat it on the blinds. Don’t wipe it.

The dust might land somewhere else away from the blinds, adding more unnecessary work for you.

Get the Kitchen Clean

One of the most critical places in the home is the kitchen. The kitchen is where you prepare, handle, and serve food.

If the kitchen isn’t clean, it’ will affect the integrity of the food you serve. Thus, you have to be responsible enough to clean your new kitchen first before doing anything there.

If it’s a new kitchen, you have to focus on getting rid of the dust and dirt from the construction. But if it’s the same kitchen that a previous tenant had, make sure that you clean it thoroughly.

Ensure that you get rid of the odors that accumulated as well. That way, it’s easier for you to feel at home in your new kitchen.

Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Aside from the kitchen, another part of the home that you should focus on cleaning is the bathroom.

Since it’s the place in your home where you sanitize and clean yourself, you want it to be clean. Thus, it would help if you took the time to clean the bathroom in your home.

It would help if you scrubbed down the bathrooms and not only wash away the dirt and grime. Aside from common bathroom areas, it would be best to clean the medicine cabinet, mirrors, and showerhead. You can soak the showerhead to remove any deposits.

Clean Less-Traffic Areas

If you’ve barely settled inside your new home, you should take the time to clean the parts of the house that won’t get as much cleaning as other parts.

Once you’re settled in, it will be a lot more challenging to clean them again. Plus, since they’re less-trafficked areas, the previous tenants might not have paid attention to them as often too.

Some of the less-trafficked areas that are worth your attention are the walls around your home. Wash them with cloths and soap and water.

Another place would be the areas behind significant appliances, like your refrigerator or TV set. Other areas that you should clean would be:

  • Baseboards and molding
  • Inside cupboards or cabinets
  • Fans or vents
  • Radiators
  • Garbage disposal units

Finish With the Floors

In line with our advice to clean from top to bottom, you should leave cleaning the floors for the very last.

Dirt and various debris from cleaning other parts of the home will make them dirty even if you wash them first. Thus, it’s better to clean the floors last to waste your time, energy, and cleaning supplies.

It would help if you started cleaning the floors from the top floor leading out to the front door.

The same applies for when you’re cleaning inside rooms. Ensure that you clean the floors from the farthest corner of the room to the floor area nearest the door.

Moving into a new home is always a satisfying feeling. It feels like a fresh start. But you have to make sure that you clean it first, or else it won’t feel as fresh of a start as it should be. Thus, you should follow the tips listed above when moving into a new home. That way, you can thoroughly clean your new home and start your new life there with a spotless slate.


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