Where Will AI Take Real Estate in the Future Coming Years?

AI has already revolutionized the real estate industry and the way homeowners, buyers, investors and agents purchase or sell a property. With AI-powered platforms and tools into new heights, market observers are asking themselves: where will AI take real estate in the coming years? In this blog post, I will explore how AI is transforming various aspects of […]

Five Differences Between Student Cities in Canada and the US

As our world becomes a global village, more students are turning toward international horizons for higher education. Canada and the US are two popular choices among international students for educational pursuits. However, with all of their options, which one should you select? Below we discuss both countries’ advantages and disadvantages when attending school, including actors […]

Vancouver Real Estate Agent Unveils “AI Realtor” tool – AI PropertyIQ With GPT4 Deep Insights

Vancouver Real Estate Agent Unveils “AI Realtor” tool – AI PropertyIQ With GPT4 Deep Insights

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Richard Morrison, a 20 year veteran Vancouver Realtor®, has unveiled a GPT4 powered AI Realtor®-like tool called AI PropertyIQ, a revolutionary tool set to transform the real estate industry by providing enhanced property intelligence. Vancouver, Canada – [June 12, 2023] – Vancovuer real estate luminary Richard Morrison is thrilled to announce the […]

B.C. New 3-Day Cooling Off Period for Homebuyers 

B.C. New 3-Day Cooling Off Period for Homebuyers 

Home buying in British Columbia just got a little less stressful. As of January 1st, 2023, BC has implemented a new 3-day “cooling off” period for homebuyers after an offer is accepted by the seller. This gives buyers some breathing room to conduct due diligence before being locked into a purchase. Key Takeaways As a […]

Can International Students Buy A House In Canada? A Guide

Are you an international student in Canada who wants a house? Have you wondered if you can buy property and live your Canadian dream? Good news—possible. it’s This article will explain how international students can buy a home in Canada. International students are often thought of as temporary students studying abroad, but many have settled […]

Canada’s Changing Foreign Buyer Ban: What You Need to Know

Canada Housing Ban On Foreign Buyers: Ultimate Guide Canada’s foreign buyer ban on residential real estate has undergone some key changes since it was first introduced. This controversial policy aims to make housing more affordable for Canadians by limiting foreign investment in the residential property market. Key Takeaways: In June 2022, Parliament passed legislation prohibiting […]

Shock: Saving Up For a Down Payment Takes 400 Months in Vancouver

Shock: Saving Up For a Down Payment Takes 400 Months in Vancouver

According to a recent report from the National Bank of Canada, it would take almost four years to save up for a down payment on a non-condo house in Vancouver. A person would have to make $230,488 per year to save up for a down payment of $1,342,184. For a Vancouver home buyer, that would […]

Famous People in Vancouver

Famous People in Vancouver

Are you interested in learning more about the famous people who call Vancouver home? As an experienced realtor living here for 30 years in Vancouver, I can tell you that this beautiful city is filled with amazing talent. From actors and musicians to athletes and business moguls, there are countless celebrities living among us! In […]

5 Ways AR & VR Can Reshape Real Estate

5 Ways AR & VR Can Reshape Real Estate

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) are a lot helpful to many industries but one, in particular, Real Estate. The latest innovations in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology are changing how real estate properties are designed, bought, sold, and managed. In simple terms, AR and VR are immersive technologies […]

Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent – Finding a Successful Realtor

Qualities of a Good Real Estate Agent – Finding a Successful Realtor

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, having the right real estate agent by your side can make all the difference. But with so many agents to choose from, how do you find the perfect match? This comprehensive guide reveals the top traits of fantastic realtors. Read on to learn the qualities you […]

Presale 7 Day Rescission Period BC – A Must Know for Home Buyers

Presale 7 Day Rescission Period BC – A Must Know for Home Buyers

Purchasing a presale home in British Columbia? Then you need to know about the BC Presale 7 Day Rescission Period. This crucial timeframe allows buyers to back out of a presale purchase agreement, no questions asked. Understanding how this rescission period works is key to making an informed decision when buying a presale property. This […]

Questions to Ask When Buying a Condo: A Master Guide

Purchasing a condo can be an exciting first step into homeownership. But before you make an offer, you’ll want to do your due diligence. Learning the right questions to ask when buying a condo will help set you up for success as a first-time owner. Key Takeaways Buying a condo is not the same as […]

GST New Housing Rebate In BC & GST On New Homes

With housing prices rising across Canada, more and more homebuyers are looking into purchasing new builds and presale condos. However, buying a brand new home comes with additional taxes that resale properties do not have. This comprehensive guide will provide British Columbians everything they need to know about GST on new homes and claiming GST […]

Property Transfer Tax Exemption in BC: A Complete Guide

Property Transfer Tax Exemption in BC: A Complete Guide

Buying property in British Columbia? Then you’ll need to pay close attention to the property transfer tax (PTT). This tax applies whenever property changes hands in the province. The good news is that BC has several property transfer tax exemptions that could save you thousands of dollars. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything […]

How Long Does It Take To Buy A House? Timeline To Buy a Home

How Long Does It Take To Buy A House? Timeline To Buy a Home

The Home Buying Process in BC As someone who has vast experience the BC real estate market, I know that understanding the process and timeline is key to making informed decisions and securing your dream home. You may be wondering how long it will take to close on a home, which typically takes 30-60 days. This article […]

Rental Restrictions And Age Restrictions in BC Strata Buildings 

Rental Restrictions And Age Restrictions in BC Strata Buildings 

Renting out your strata unit in British Columbia just got a whole lot easier. Recent changes to the Strata Property Act have removed almost all rental restrictions previously imposed by strata corporations. As a realtor in the Lower Mainland for over 15 years, this is excellent news for my clients looking to enter the rental […]

Closing Dates In Real Estate BC & Possession Dates In Real Estate Transaction

Finding the perfect home is just half the battle in real estate transactions, understanding key terms like “closing date” can often be a maze. In British Columbia, the closing date marks not only the transfer of property ownership but also when funds are moved from buyer to seller. This post will guide you through this complex process, explaining key […]

How Has COVID-19 Affected Real Estate Around the World?

How Has COVID-19 Affected Real Estate Around the World?

The effects of COVID-19 upon the world and its economies has been far-reaching, with the real estate sector bracing for long-term impacts and fighting to preserve values and liquidity, whilst keeping tenants and clients safe. Depending upon asset classes and the strength of regional markets heading into the pandemic, there have been varied and surprising […]

Real Estate Prices and Unreported Inflation

Real Estate Prices and Unreported Inflation

I bumped into a lady today while getting my daily dose of Starbucks $7 latte (tip included). Don’t worry, it was a light bump (and she started it). She recognized me despite looking like I was ready to go back to bed and asked if it was OK to ask me a few questions about […]

Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services (DORTS): The Ultimate Guide

Buying or selling a home can be an exciting yet stressful time. As a buyer or seller in British Columbia, it’s important to understand your rights and options for representation when engaging in real estate transactions. This is where the Disclosure of Representation in Trading Services – commonly known as the DORTS form – comes […]

What is FINTRAC in Real Estate BC

Real estate transactions involve large sums of money changing hands. To prevent money laundering and terrorist financing, Canada has strict regulations around reporting and monitoring these transactions. Enter FINTRAC. Key Takeaway: FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada) is the federal body that oversees financial transactions, including real estate, to detect and deter […]

Real Estate Offer Subject to Financing Clause: A Complete Guide

Making an offer on a new home can be incredibly exciting, but it also comes with a lot of risk if you don’t fully understand the financing process. Putting in an offer contingent on securing a mortgage, also known as “subject to financing,” is a critical way for buyers to protect themselves financially and avoid […]

Low Ball Offer – How to Deal With A Lowball Offer As A Seller

After investing time, money and effort to get your home ready for the market, receiving a lowball offer can feel like a punch to the gut. But while lowball offers are always frustrating, they’re a normal part of the negotiation dance. With the right mindset and skills, that lowball could become your dream offer. This […]

Property Disclosure Statement in BC: The Ultimate Guide

Buying or selling a home in British Columbia? You’ll likely encounter something called a Property Disclosure Statement, or PDS. This important document can influence the deal, so it pays to understand what it is and how it works. Let’s break down everything you need to know about the property disclosure statement BC residents rely on. […]

Deposit on a House Purchase: An Ultimate Guide

Making an offer on a home is an exciting yet stressful time. As a buyer, you want to make your offer as attractive as possible to the seller. One key component is the deposit amount – but what exactly is a deposit, how much should you offer, and what happens if the deal falls through? […]

Cost of Living Montreal vs Vancouver

Are you debating whether to move to Montreal or Vancouver? Freedom-seekers often consider cost of living. I’ll compare the two cities’ costs to help you decide. Montreal and Vancouver are desirable Canadian cities with vibrant city life and many work and leisure options. How do they compare for what matters most—your wallet? We’ll compare each […]

8 Safest Places to Live in BC

Want a secure home? British Columbia has many peaceful neighbourhoods. From bustling Vancouver to small towns in the Coast Mountains, this province offers refuge from life’s worries. Find out which BC cities are the safest to live in if safety is your top priority. In this Canadian province there are many great places to choose […]

12 Reasons you will regret moving to Vancouver

Vancouver? Consider many factors before making the big decision. One of Canada’s most populous cities, its cost of living has steadily risen. This can make moving to Vancouver scary. There are many reasons to regret moving to the city, despite its culture and lifestyle. To help you decide if moving to Vancouver is worth it, […]

12 Best Cities for Singles in Canada

Love in a big city is like finding a needle in a haystack. If you’re single and looking for love, Canada has many great cities where you’re more likely to find it. If you’re game, here are Canada’s 12 best cities for singles! These places are popular with singles due to their vibrant nightlife, culture, […]

Best places to live in BC for young adults

BC’s best places to live are here! Vancouver, Victoria, and mountain towns offer something for everyone in this province. Let us help you decide where to go as a young adult living or moving here. I’ve researched what makes each destination unique, so you can choose the one that fits your lifestyle. Let’s start with […]

How to Buy Rental Property With No Money Down in Canada

Have you considered investing in rental properties but hesitated due to the initial investment? In Canada, you can buy rental property without a down payment. Even without much capital, this opportunity can be used to build a real estate fortune. How? This article explains how to buy rental property with no money down using seller […]

Row House vs Townhouse Canada: Ultimate Showdown

Are you a Canadian homebuyer debating a row house or townhouse? Not alone. Because each property has pros and cons, many Canadian homebuyers face this dilemma. We’ll compare these two types of properties so you can choose the right one. We all subconsciously want to belong—to family, friends, or ourselves. Canadians want to buy the […]

Can a buyer back out of an accepted offer in Canada

Can a buyer back out of an accepted offer in Canada

In the midst of a hot real estate market, where prices are skyrocketing, buyers may be eager to make an offer on their dream home. Once the buyer and seller sign a standard real estate agreement, the purchase becomes legally binding. But what happens if the homebuyer suddenly has a change of heart? Can they […]

Average down payment on a house in Canada

Planning to buy a house in Canada? One of the first things you’ll need to figure out is how much money you’ll need for the down payment. This upfront amount is crucial for getting approved for a mortgage and securing your dream home. Key Takeaway: The minimum down payment on a house in most of […]

The Top 12 Most Expensive Cities in Canada: A Closer Look

Canada is known for its stunning landscapes, friendly people, and high quality of life. But that high standard of living comes at a cost in some cities. Housing, childcare, groceries and other expenses can take a big bite out of your paycheck in Canada’s most expensive urban areas. Key Takeaways: Real estate plays a starring […]

Cheapest Place To Buy A House In Canada

Are you looking for the cheapest place to buy a house in Canada? You’re not alone – with soaring real estate prices, it can be tough to find an affordable home. But don’t worry! I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll show you where to look and how to get the best deal on […]

Is It Cheaper to Build or Buy a House?

Deciding whether to build or buy a home is a big decision. With housing prices at all-time highs across Canada, more homebuyers are wondering if it’s cheaper to build than buy. Key Takeaways The answer depends on your budget, timing, location, and desire for customization. Here’s a detailed comparison of the costs, timeline, pros, and […]

BC First Time Home Buyer Programs: Grants, Rebates, & Tax Credits

Homeownership can seem out of reach for many first time homebuyers in British Columbia. With housing prices skyrocketing, saving enough for a down payment is no easy feat. But take heart – there are numerous programs and incentives to help you buy your first home in BC! This comprehensive guide will walk you through the […]

What is a Leaky Condo and How to Avoid Them in Vancouver!

Leaky condos? What does it mean in Vancouver real estate? As an experienced analyst and resident of this beautiful city, let me explain why leaky condos are a problem and how you can avoid them when searching for your dream home. Water damage from inadequate waterproofing seeping into stucco or wood siding causes it. This […]