The 5 Benefits Of Working With A Real Estate Agent

Are you nervous about putting your property on the market? This is understandable, seeing as you want to get the best possible offer as quickly as possible. But how many times have you sold a house before? And if you sold a house years ago, do the same rules apply today? There are many reasons […]

Learn 5 Things To Consider When Buying A New Home

Buying a home can easily be the single largest financial transaction you ever make in life. Of course, buying a new home makes the whole transaction even bigger. Whether you’re done being a renter or looking to move up from a starter home, keep reading to learn 5 things to consider when buying a new […]

Just How Expensive Is It To Live In Vancouver, BC?

Nearly everyone around the world knows about that house for sale in Vancouver that sold for a gazillion dollars!. And many still want to live here. The city itself is a visual marvel, and it’s nestled between waters clear as glass and snow-topped mountains. If you can never decide between the ocean and the mountains, […]

Can I actually afford a home in Vancouver?

Can I actually afford a home in Vancouver?

According to the Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, Vancouver is the second-most unaffordable place in the world when it comes to homes for sale in Vancouver. That’s a bummer for everyone who wants to buy a house in this city. Vancouver is popular for its picturesque location, luxurious houses, excellent schools, and peaceful neighborhoods. But […]

5 Richest Parts of Vancouver

It’s never too late to buy a luxurious home in Vancouver. This coastal city in British Columbia, Canada, is experiencing a surge in demand for real estate properties because of three reasons: stunning scenic views, ethnically diverse neighborhoods, and beautiful houses. The first thing that you should do before buying a luxurious house is to […]

Buy a House or Rent One in Vancouver: Which is the Better Option?

It is challenging to decide whether you should buy a house or rent one in Vancouver. The average price of a single-family detached house is $1,248,000. This is way more than the average price of similar houses in Canada which is $531,000. Now the question is, which investment you should go for? Or, which investment […]

What is a good salary to live in Vancouver BC?

As it is, Canada is home to one of the hottest residential property markets in the name Vancouver homes for sale. Property buyers are flocking to this idyllic seaport town not only because of its natural beauty, attractive job market, properly planned and well-developed amenities but also because of the great quality of life it […]

What are the Closing Costs of Buying a Home in BC?

It is everyone’s dream to be able to have a place they could call “home.” Many people have a desire to buy Vancouver homes for sale, settle there, and possibly create their own family. However, there are many steps a prospective homeowner has to go through so that he or she could buy and own […]

Annual Events in Vancouver

Annual Events in Vancouver

Although the festive season is fast approaching, there is something going on every year. For those that reside in East Vancouver Condos or live in Vancouver homes, these events are a sure community builder. Festivals and events to celebrate the rich culture, arts, food, music, and movies of this great city. Here are some of […]

Top Things to Do in Vancouver

Top Things to Do in Vancouver

The City of Vancouver, an exciting, multicultural west coast metropolis in British Columbia, has been recognized as one of the top sights in Canada by Travel magazine. Located in the heart of the city, a typical house for sale in Vancouver is surrounded by scenic mountains and is the second most populated city in Canada. […]