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Why should you even consider following me? There are (at the risk of sounding Bragger-Lee) many reasons. And here is one: Along the 20 years of service to my wonderful clients, I even managed to get the prestigious RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award:

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Get 15% Cash Back from My Commission. If you are a Buyer there is no commission payable, but you still get 15% from my end. But the Best Part (ahem) is that when you Follow Me Now You Get Content That No Realtor will Ever Share With You… I Promise).

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What Kind of Insights Can You Expect From My Instagram?

Here are Some Current Insights About Real Estate in Vancouver and Canada

1. War on real estate markets by Government will continue 
2. 2019 will see higher vacant home tax, higher school tax, higher property taxes, higher carbon taxes, higher rent, higher Canadian Pension Plan premiums, higher car insurance rates, a new speculation tax for real estate, a new healthcare tax and higher interest payments.
3. Condo price better than SF prices
4. Condo prices in the Valley better than in town
5. Luxury condo price will decline sharply
6. Sales will continue to decline, listing continue to increase…prices vary by product (condo better) and by area (Westside SF down 21%, Surrey even.)

Key: Loans and rates 
1. War on interest rates. David Rosenberg predicts a decline in interest rates, we believe rates will increase in Canada and the US.
2. If Rosenberg is right, stocks will rise…otherwise continued mad volatility
3. Result is unpredictable. Volatility is here to stay,
4. Likely more illiquidity.
5. Mortgage rates higher and harder to get.

Whatever 2019 holds in store, everything that happened before will pale with the wonders of the future. Get Informed and Follow Me to Gain Real Knowledge – Obligation Free. The New Year and the New Decade approaches, and anything can happen. 

So, make it happen!

Don’t Take My Word for It…

See what others have to say:

This is a pivotal point in our financial and real estate history. You will be able to make much better decisions after hearing what I have to sayand at no obligation!  And of course, sometimes I post the occasional fun videos like this:

My Epic Beach Horse Ride in Nicaragua:

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My Epic Horse back in #Nicaragua #beach side.

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Why Instagram?

I chose Instagram because it’s a simple and highly engaging way to serve the general public with 20 years of knowledge and give back to the community – with no obligation.

You see, I have done a lot of work in the past 20 years in Vancouver as a Realtor. And…I got a few insights that I would like to share. Not to sound too Bragger-Lee again, I have achieved a few things during my career, like:

I Was Even Fortunate to Write in a Best Selling Book Titled “Real Estate Action 2.0”:

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Why 15% Cash Back?

When you Follow Me on Instagram, I am throwing in 15% Cash Back from My Own Commission as an incentive to have you follow me.

PS: We are ok if you have a REALTOR already and don’t want to take the 15% Cash Back. Follow us anyway, we’d love to be friends!

If you do want to use us as your Realtor, You get 15% from a Buyer End or a Sales End.

If you are a Buyer, you actually don’t pay anything to begin with, so are getting 15% cash back for your closing. On a $700,000 purchase that can equal to more than $1500 cash back.

If you are a seller, you would be getting a rebate on my listing fee, which would equal to close to $1,800 on a $700,000 listing.

Today I am in high gear like never before, and I would like to invite you to participate in the knowledge I’d like to pass on to you

Head on over to Instagram and Follow Me for Epic Content that you won’t regret – all at no obligation. Have a Wonderful rest of your Day! #Gratitude!

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