Chinese buyers find Vancouver real estate attractive – “logical” to purchase homes for students

Since 2009, it has turned out to be evident the vancouver real estate marketplace seen stunning boost within the amount of multi-million dollar premises traded to Chinese investors along with buyers.

Having a boost in immigration since 2010, the metropolitan real-estate households within the Greater vancouver neighbourhood, especially the Vancouver West real estate market, clearly became the “hot” community within the market place.  As vancouver has once more been regarded as the globe’s very best place to live in, the velocity of overseas investments within the vancouver property market is hiking up still another sharp slope.

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Specialists point out that China’s Mainland first time buyers coupled with speculators continues to seek for global financial investment prospects, in vancouver. The very thought of overseas investments in real estate investment property now have end up being an extremely trendy response for Asians, and additionally will most likely force the demands in vancouver’s homes industry up to greater levels within the coming year of 2012.

As the rate of economical growth continuously increases at an incredible rate, many Chinese parents from Mainland China, Taiwan in addition to other areas are sending their kids to study overseas in Canada.

To minimize possible troubles with housing, many Asian parents surely have chosen to purchase homes in the metro area in addition to surrounding areas in providing a stable home for their children to settle while acquiring their degrees offshore. As it is more cost efficient to purchase a property rather than renting, and additionally considering the long term returns of the investments, purchasing real estate properties in vancouver come to be high on demand for the Chinese. Some with sharp business minds have chosen to rent out portions of the space to obtain a fixed amount of monthly income, all while still profiting from the long term appreciation of vancouver’s properties.

Many Chinese hold the belief that the role of Feng shui, which is most closely associated with the physical geography of the property, can possess significant impact on one’s healthy, finance and even relationships with others.

MORE: Asia is making Vancouver condo owners rich – in a short period of time…

The importance of Feng shui has long been highly valued by Asians, coupled with this, it definitely plays a crucial role in investments in real-estate. The most commonly observed example is the influence of the situation of a property. It is widely believed that if the property is in “good Feng shui” if it sits at the north, and additionally faces the south. This single belief alone, now have put some premises with the above characteristics in better pricing range than those that do not. However, as much as Feng shui is a well respected belief by many Asian immigrants and potential home investors and additionally speculators, there are always those “intelligent” ones that seek to obtain the optimal economic value from their real estate investment in vancouver.

As the Chinese favours the practice of networking in a private manner, it puts many Asian realtors, insurance brokers and mortgage consultants in demand, for it is much easier to make personal references. The power of “the word of mouth” cannot be overlooked when it comes to dealing with Chinese homebuyers and purchasers, who in most cases, are not too familiar with the English language in addition to the town. As a result, a growing demand for well-reputed mandarin speaking realtors along with industry professionals in this field is likely to be put in greater demand for the upcoming year in 2012.

This is why our team has added 2 Asian realtors, they are able to associate better with many of our buyers and thus increases the chances of your home being sold by tenfold. Further, our team is also more capable of handling any Feng Shui modifications to get the best value for your home.

MORE: Asia is making Vancouver condo owners rich – in a short period of time…

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