An Essential Guide to Air Conditioner Maintenance

It’s a hot summer day, you returned from office after a tiring day, you turn on the air conditioner, but it doesn’t work. How would that feel?

No need to freak out, your air-conditioner is not broken down. You just had been a teeny-weeny bit lazy in its maintenance. We must remember that while technology made our lives easier by a great deal, many devices still need regular maintenance. No matter how expensive is the car you drive around, after some time, it will start acting up, asking you to take it to a mechanic. To avoid this hassle, people usually schedule their maintenance a bit in advance, so they don’t damage the machinery. The same is the case with air conditioners, which uses compressors and filters to cool up the air and to give you a gentle cooling breeze.


The person who invented air conditioners made our summer a hell lot more comfortable, but even he would pull his hair out if he came to know we don’t service it. There are some things in life that you have to buy once, and with proper maintenance, they can last a lifetime. You guessed it right; air conditioners are one of them. Hence, it is pertinent to have cursory knowledge about air conditioners. Even though experts from Air Tech of Central Florida provide phenomenal maintenance services, but your care of the AC is still as necessary as their assistance. However, knowing how to open the outer cover, learning about the parts and when they should be cleaned or replaced, is mandatory in times when services come costly. This article will give you a birds-eye view of everything you need to know. As a bonus, you can pass on the knowledge to your colleagues who might be awed at your comprehension of things they don’t expect you to know.



In air-conditioner maintenance, this practice is like learning the alphabet. Any other kind of support will be quite useless if you do not clean the air filters. Why? You don’t use the air conditioners for many parts of the year, which means dust and debris start settling inside your air conditioner. Clogged air filters hinder the normal airflow. As a result, not only does the other equipment inside your air conditioner start catching dirt, but your cooling capacity decreases considerably. Hence, it is essential to clear your air filters at least once a month. When you open the outer cover of an air conditioner, you can see the air filters on top of everything else and are easily removable.



Some of the components of your air conditioners are not as visible as the air filters. Evaporator coils located in the indoor unit of a split type air conditioner serve a fundamental purpose of capturing the heat from your room’s air. If they are dirty, they will not perform their job as efficiently as you would expect. You might be wondering why do they get messy if we have air filters? Well, some dust particles and debris are too tiny for any air filters to stop, and they sneak through. Hence, a yearly servicing of the evaporator coils is usually better to get the best usage out of your air conditioners.


Maintaining the condenser coils

Condenser coils are located in the outer unit of the split type air conditioners or at the back of the window type ones in case someone still uses them. As they are outside and not protected by air filters, they are more prone to getting dirty due to added dust in the environment outside your house. Their job is to dissipate the heat out of the air conditioner unit. Every mechanical device while working heats, and if this heat isn’t released, the performance of the machine suffers immensely. Air conditioners are no exception, which makes the yearly cleaning of condensers coil of cardinal importance.



Both the evaporator and condenser coils have aluminum fins close to them for better transfer of heat in or out. The aluminum fins of the condenser coils are easily noticeable on the backside of the outer unit. As you can imagine, if these fins get clogged, it will affect the overall performance of your air conditioner. Therefore, regularly cleaning them helps in avoiding a lot of hassle.



As a result of heat transfer and cooling, a lot of condensation happens inside the air conditioner. We must drain out the water made as a consequence of this condensation, and that’s why you see a thin PVC pipe dripping water outside. If this drainage system clogs, your air conditioner might even stop working altogether, which should give an idea about the gravity of the situation. Regularly cleaning the rear drain avoids this eventuality.


Whenever you are not using your air conditioners for a more extended period, it is better to cover the external unit. The exterior unit carries the compressor, which is the most critical component of any cooling device. As there is a lot of dust outside, more prolonged exposure can attract too much of it. Accumulation of dirt is detrimental to an air conditioner’s performance reducing it by up to 50%, according to researchers.



Not everyone is comfortable opening up their expensive air conditioner due to the fear of messing things up. Such people have the option of calling various maintenance services online or offline. Some parts of maintenance like cleaning the air filters are quite simpler to do, so you are recommended to do that yourself. For the other more difficult parts, you can call up maintenance service at least once a year.



By now, you must have realized the importance of the maintenance of mechanical devices. As humans need preventive healthcare to avoid any future problem, checking up machines every once in a while is wise. Doing so not only prolongs their lives but also avoids the hassle when things break down unexpectedly. Air conditioners look out for us during the summers, so returning the favor is quite a sensible thing to do. You do it yourself to save some service charges, though if you are not comfortable doing it, you can always call up the experts.



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