All You Need to Know When Buying Caesarstone Worktops

Since homeowners are demanding advanced and more durable kitchens nowadays, quartz has undoubtedly become the favourite worktop material for many people. It is not just a sturdy and durable material but also comes in a wide range of designs and hues to be used in different houses in distinct ways.

Today’s kitchens are more like the heart of a modern home. It is a space where you cook, eat, socialise and entertain. This multipurpose place is also being used as a spot where children do homework while parents run the house from here.

With changing times, the kitchen design has also evolved to a great extent as per our contemporary needs. However, one thing that you’re likely to find in many modern houses is the durable quartz countertop. Why not? It’s a highly durable material that’s able to bear the brunt in any cooking space.

Caesarstone countertops

Speaking of quartz, the brand Caesarstone is a well-renowned manufacturer of high-quality quartz that’s being used today to uplift the interior of any home. Its three decades for Caesarstone London to continue their product innovations.

Offering the best colours in the market, Caesarstone has been adored by many leading designers and architects both domestically and commercially. The expert designers of the brand are known to be working with the world’s latest colour and trend consultants for making sure they offer the best innovations to consumers. 

Caesarstone Maintenance

Caesarstone quartz worktops are resistant to scratches, stains and impacts. So, it is easy to maintain its perfect finish. All you need is mild soap, water and a clean sponge for cleaning its surface. Although the material is resistant o scratches, it’s still recommended to use a nonabrasive detergent and non-scratch scrub pad for cleaning.

Caesarstone worktops are virtually non-porous

Caesarstone quartz worktops are virtually non-porous, so spills won’t seep into its surface as in case of wood or marble. It is also highly durable and impact resistant. However, it’s suggested to use trivets for hot pans and pots, as well as a chopping board while using sharp knives.

Caesarstone Guarantee

In the UK, general Caesarstone worktops come with a 25-years guarantee. The customer service team is always available for handling your queries about maintenance or any other issue.

How to purchase Caesarstone surfaces?

Caesarstone is among the best global brands. But the brand doesn’t sell worktops directly to consumers. Their engineered quartz worktops are worked by fabricators or stonemasons who purchase the material directly from the brand. After working on the surfaces, the slabs are ready to be purchased by buyers.

Buyers can generally buy the engineered quartz surfaces through kitchen or bathroom studios or directly from any retailer in the fabrication business. After you select the specific worktop, the fabricators will visit your site to make a template for the countertop. After that, they will use the template to cut the selected quartz surface in the workshop and bring the fabricated surface to install in your kitchen. 

Where can you find quartz surfaces?

Caesarstone UK has stores in North London and Enfield. Besides, Caesarstone samples and product installations can also be seen in over 1,500 locations in the UK in different kitchen/bathroom stores, as well as particular fabricator premises. It is always advised to see a large sample of the desired finish before ordering it. 

How much does Caesarstone cost?

The final price of the Caesarstone worktops depends on the material cost and cost of fabrication. The fabrication cost depends on the design and complexities faced during installation, as well as how much skills and time is required to create a specific finished surface.

As an estimate, the cost of high-quality quartz surfaces equates 15% and 25% of the total kitchen cost. To be precise, the minimum cost of installing Caesarstone would be around £2,000 – £3,000.

Caesarstone quartz surfaces are available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses, with thicker slabs premium. These are available in different finishes, such as Polished, Satin and Matt. So, it often becomes difficult to quote the general cost without understating the complete design and finish.

Since there are so many quartz worktops available in the market, some unbranded stores also sell kitchen surfaces or countertops in the local market. Given the amount you have to spend on its installation, it is advisable to select a reputed brand or retailer with the appropriate certification, warranty and customer support. Only professional and reputed retailers are likely to offer you authentic Caesarstone surfaces.


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