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7 Ways To Make Your Home Garage More Secure

Crime statistics reveal that around 1.5 million home burglaries are reported every year in the United States alone. To crystallize it further, one can imagine a burglary happening every 26 seconds, which, according to a popular survey, results in an average loss of $2,799. These facts hardline how important safety has become today.

Therefore, not surprisingly enough, thieves and burglars can gain entry through the front and back doors. In about a third of these cases, the alternate points of entry become garages and windows. The safety of your possessions and family members must be paramount. Thus it is even more important to check and re-evaluate your garage doors, especially if attached.

To prevent such a crime from happening, all you require is a little bit of proactivity, vigilance, and some good old fashioned common sense. With the following enumerated steps, you can increase your garage security and prevent any untoward incidents.

1.   Locking the Garage Doorways

According to a survey, 95% of home invasions are done through some form of forceful entry. If you have manual doors in your garage, it is imperative that they remain shut and locked correctly. Most garages with automatic doors prove to be more challenging to gain entry for a burglar and are far more secure. While you are away for a longer duration, padlocks must be clamped on doorways to secure them. Moreover, it is also good to keep the exterior and interior access from the garage door also secured.

2.   Don’t Leave Garage Doors Unnecessarily Open

Most burglaries happen because of carelessness about security. Leaving the garage door open unnecessarily is a prime example. Leaving garage doors unnecessarily open is an open invitation for any suspicious element to enter your home. The least you do is allow a complete view of your garage’s contents to anyone passing by. This, in itself, is a significant security concern and could potentially threaten your space. Most people brush off any argument by stating that it is a safe neighborhood. This hardly qualifies, especially if you are callous enough not to be a little proactive to avoid potential break-ins and burglaries.

3.   Use a Security Camera

These days security systems are very sophisticated. Close-circuit Television feeds can be easily accessed from your mobile and laptop devices. Using a security camera at entry and exit points leading from and to your garage is crucial. At the very least, it tells you to be proactive and identify a potential crime. If you can spot the intruder, perhaps with a timely response to the authorities, you can prevent a crime. A little bit of alertness is all that is provided with a CCTV set-up. It also dissuades potential unsocial elements and thwarts any such attempts, if made.

4.   Home Security Systems

A study on burglars’ habits and motivations identified 83% of perpetrators admit to looking for an alarm specifically and 60% desist if they see one. Home security systems with an alarm code and motion sensors are a surefire way to prevent any attempt by timely notifications to authorities. New technological innovations have brought about too sophisticated equipment that secures your garage and your entire property.

5.   Upgrade To a Smart Garage Door Opener

If your garage door is outdated and old, it is probably best to get a new and updated one. Usage of the obsolete garage door opening mechanisms leaves you susceptible to a wide range of home invasions. These days smart garage door openers are becoming popular with the masses. They safely and securely protect your garage doors. Further, features such as selective entry and remote access make it impossible for any criminal to force himself in. These smart set-up also have an in-built alarm system that alerts the proper authorities and prevents any damage to your home.

6.   Improve Exterior Lighting

A house with improper exterior lighting is a more vulnerable target for criminals. These days there are motion detected lighting systems that immediately light up if there is an intruder. Improving the lighting conditions dissuade burglars and thieves because it attracts attention to their movements. Furthermore, motion detection systems not only dissuade a criminal from entering your premises; it also alerts you and the neighbors. For this, you must effectively and strategically place them near all entry and exit points, including the garage, windows, and doorways. This is the most cost-effective and yet reasonable solution to prevent any risk of a break-in.

7.   Evaluate Your Home Security Like a Burglar

This is perhaps, an essential step. The first act in being vigilant is a proper assessment. You can adequately assess your property only if you think like a burglar and evaluate possible entry points. Furthermore, you must believe in such a manner to strategically place counter-measures to avoid any such thing from happening in the future. Such a move includes evaluating the garage doors, windows, and the emergency exits leading from and to the garage or the home.


Today it is possibly touted that break-ins are declining. However, it is possible only because more people are becoming increasingly vigilant about their home spaces. Protecting your property from intruders requires a creative thought process and vigilance. Accordingly, you can decide to opt for the up-gradation of the security systems as per your need. This is done to avoid any untoward incident from happening in the future.

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